Website Review: Model Mayhem

I find many gigs through

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, it’s a great place for make-up artists, photographers, models, and designers to get together and work on projects.

Some of the projects are paid and some are TFCD (Time For CD).  TFCD just means in the end no one pays anyone anything and you are solely doing it to build up your portfolio.

It also allows you to post “casting calls” which just another way to say job postings.  If you are a model and need a photographer & a make-up artist, you create a casting call and include a description of what your project entails.

When you post it, it will show up when photographers and make-up artists start looking for gigs to do.   If they are interested, they will comment/message you and you move on from there.

It’s also free too, so there’s almost no risk in trying it out.   A free account does impose certain limits on you like how many messages you can send per day and how many pictures you can have in your portfolio.

You can always upgrade and remove some of these restrictions for a small fee.

I go on this website almost everyday to check to see what new gigs are being posted.

The following shoot were a direct result of a Model Mayhem Casting Call.


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