Staring at My Own Food

My friends have been noticing that every time I eat, I tend to stare at my food.

They think its weird.

What do I think about this weird habit of mine?

I don’t even know what to think.

Because I didn’t even realized I stared at my food until someone pointed it out.

Of course, after some quiet time, I’ve finally gotten it figured out.

I stare mainly because deep down, I’m contemplating.

Food should be simple, you just put it in your mouth a chew.

What is there to contemplate?

Plenty, I assure you.

Well for sure, I’ve noticed that whenever I stare at my food, I’m less likely to overeat.

Perhaps I’ve lost my appetite after waiting for so long.

Perhaps staring at the food, gives it time to cool down and become less appealing.

I ask myself, “Do I really need more?”

And after some time, the answer is usually no.

When I stare at food, I acknowledge the power that lies in every bite I take.

Depending on what I eat and how much of it I eat, I could double my weight in a year.

I could physically and emotionally transform myself into another person.

I could imprison myself in my own home.

I could become addicted to food and use it as a source of pleasure.

I know it could happen to me only because I have seen it happen to others.

Food should not be taken lightly.

Food can literally make you or break you.

I stare because I care.

I’m going to respect my body by being careful on what food goes in my mouth.

People have different thoughts on food.

Some thoughts encourage a healthy lifestyle while others don’t.

“I always have room for dessert.”

“Never waste any food, finish it all.”

Are two that encourages overeating.

I have observed that many people don’t like to waste food.

They finish 3/4 of their dish and stop because they are full.

Someone usually a parent or a friend in the same table, says “You can’t waste that, finish it!”

And the person who is already full, slowly stuffs the rest of the dish into his mouth.

How does this make any sense at all?

Somehow not wasting food has become more important than my health.

If I make “not wasting food” a habit, soon I’m going to become over-weight.

And everyone knows that being over-weight comes with a ton of health complications.

I’d rather waste food, then end up in a hospital one day.

Why are we even debating this, the answer should be obvious.

Another thing some people say, “I’ve always got room for dessert”.

Doesn’t that sound cruel?

So even if you are full and your stomach can’t fit anything else, you’ll continue forcing food down?

Why would you do that to yourself?

If your stomach is already full, cramming more food down there will only make it expand to accommodate more food.

And guess what happens next time you decide to eat again?

You’ll have to eat more to fill up your stomach.

Last time you stuffed it with so much food, your stomach has been stretched beyond its normal size.

Now it’ll take even more food to fill it up.

This is exactly how people become overweight.

Now for views that encourage healthy eating.

“We should treat food like it is medicine.”

“Be present while you eat.”

Both require us to look at food from a different angle.

Both can make a difference if you allow it to.

I think food should be treated like medicine.

Medicine has powerful effects on the human body both positive and negative.

Therefore, you need a prescription in order to buy medicine.

Included with the prescription is how much you should consume and other warnings.

Without these warnings, people could over-dose unintentionally and die.

Food is just as dangerous if not more dangerous than medicine.

Food can heal and nourish you, but if you’re not careful it can also lead to diabetes, heart attacks, and obesity.

The reason why food is even more dangerous than medicine is because it is so easy to come by.

You think food is harmless, so you let your guard down.

You start to use and abuse it which eventually leads to your downfall.

Another thought of mine is whenever you eat, be present.

You’re going to overeat if your mind is wandering somewhere else.

When you are watching a tearjerker movie with a tub of ice cream in your lap, your attention is on the movie.

What’s stopping you from eating the whole tub?

Nothing, because your mind is focused on the movie.

Being present just means you don’t have anything else on your mind besides the food in front of you.

You give food attention because of the importance it plays in your life.

Food is a game changer and it should be treated as such.

If you learn to respect food, food will nourish you.

If you overlook the importance of food, food will hinder and hold you back from living a fulfilling life.

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