Movie Review: Margin Call

Movie Review:  Margin Call

***Spoiler Alert***

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Generally what happens before any major crash in the stock markets. Company finds it is in a hole and proceeds to gets rid of all damaged goods to unsuspecting buyers to save its own ass.

Then it finds a scapegoat which could really be anyone. They just need to hand someone over to take the fall.

Workers are forced to sale all their assets. This leads to them losing their jobs, because they did such a good job at selling.

Everyone who is involved is nicely compensated whether you’re still part of the company or not. They pay you to shut up. They pay you to take the fall. They pay you to deceive the public.

Final Thoughts: Well told story of what may happen to any company when it has it’s back to the wall. Well acted. Demi Moore’s acting was the only thing that somewhat bothered me. Didn’t feel like she brought her A game. Never once did I get bored or lose interest. They always have you pulled into what’s happening. Only reason why I gave it a 4/5 is I didn’t like the way it ended. More like a personal opinion then anything really.

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