Movie Review: Django Unchained



Django is a slave who is freed because of his knowledge of a band of bothers who is wanted by the law.

Django quickly joins forces with a bounty hunter and gets to hunt down white criminals for a money.

The bounty hunter and Django quickly becomes good friends and they decided to come up with a plan to rescue Django’s wife from slavery.

They infiltrate the slave owner’s home with a fake proposition to buy one of his Mandingo for $12,000.

The slave owner finds out that he is being scammed and turns on Django and the bounty hunter which leads to many deaths.

Final Thoughts:

This is a Quentin Tarantino film which usually involves tons of blood shed.  They don’t waste any type of blood as each shot is fired and hits a person you always see a big cloud of blood exploding into the air.

Their is crude humor and outlandish dialogue that happens between all the character.

I took me a while what the plan was to get Django’s wife out, but once I figured it out I thought it was pretty ingenious.  Not something you might think of but when you get it, it legitimately sounds like a good idea that would work in real life.

Samuel L. Jackson does such a great job of being the villain’s assistant that you learn to hate him even more than the villain.

When I think of westerns, I think of boring films but this film definitely help redefine the genre for me.



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