Movie Review: Skyfall

Skyfall Poster

***Spoiler Alert***


James Bond is up against one of his own in this sequel.

Someone is out to destroy MI6’s headquarters and Bonds quickly discovers that it is a former MI6 agent Raoul Silva.

Silva’s intent is to kill M, because M had left Silva behind in an operation.

Silva intends goes after M while she is in the middle of a trial.

Bond saves her and brings her to his hometown of Skyfall because it is the only place that Silva cannot infiltrate with his technology.

Silva comes with a band of baddies and everyone gets killed, except for Bond of course.

Final Thoughts:

I definitely enjoy Skyfall and all the Daniel Craig’s James Bond’s movie.  His movie relies more on fist fights, run gunning, and chases as opposed to silly gadgets.

In previous James Bonds movies, sometimes you have to wonder would he be anything without his gadgets.

Daniel Craig shows you that his two fists and a small pistol is all he needs to set the whole screen on fire.

Definitely, enjoyed the character development in this movie with emphasis on M, Penny, James Bond, Q, and Kincade.

I also want to point out that this movie could’ve ended in the courtroom and I would’ve no complaints.  The whole stand-off at Skyfall was just cream on top of the cake.



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