Movie Review: Waste Land



***Spoiler Alert***


This is a documentary that takes you into the lower-class citizens of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Renown contemporary artist wishes to return to his country and make a difference.  He wishes to use trash to create art.

He is aware of a land fill where a whole culture of people live.  They are called “pickers” and their job is to find recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, or glass to sell.

Initially, his expectations of the project were simple and straight forward.

But the moment he steps into the life of the “pickers”, he can’t help but get pulled into their world.

He meets key people who he decides to take portraits of, then he goes back to his studio and recreates the image using the material from the landfill.

Through his project he is able to sell the portraits for over $50,000.

All the money goes back to the “pickers” union organization.

Final Thoughts:

This is a movie that moves you, because in a way you can relate to the whole experience.

“Pickers” are down on themselves for not having a better job, while participating in the art project gives them pride and job in what they do.

Many don’t want to share what they do to friends and family.

The artist opens a whole new world to them that they could never experience without him.  At the same time, the pickers opens a new world of art that pushes the artist to reflect on his own life.

Waste land will have you reflecting on how lucky your own life is compared to those of the pickers.



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