Movie Review: Memories of Murder

***Spoiler Alert***


Is a Korean crime-drama that is based on true events.

A serial rapist/killer leaves victims behind that are tied up using the victim’s under garments, raped, and then choked to death.

The rapist always attacks when it rains and also when a certain song is played on the radio.

The rain washes away all physical evidence and gives the investigators almost nothing to work with.

The song is a lead, but just because he kills when the song is on doesn’t mean he is the one requesting the song.

After going through multiple suspects, the movie ends with no one knowing who the rapist is.

Final Thoughts:

I found many scenes of the movie being lethargic and pointless, perhaps this is a portrayal of how un-eventful life can be.

It’s quite chilling to know that the serial killer might still be alive now, living amongst the korean community since he was never captured.

This is story of how incompetent cops can be and how elusive criminals can be.



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