Movie Review: The Burrowers


***Spoiler Alert***


Western Sci-fi which takes place in a time where Indians and Cowboys are in constant conflict.

It starts out with a family being terrorized by what think are Indians.

The sheriff puts together a small army to find the family.

Soon they discover weird corpses that are buried underground by weird monsters called Burrowers.

Burrowers attack humans, inject poison into their bodies, and bury the bodies while the poison makes the human edible.

The only way to kill the Burrowers is with sunlight.

Final Thoughts:

The movie was quite slow during certain parts.  Anytime the burrowers came up, it got pretty intense.

I thought the back story of the burrowers was pretty cheesy.  According to one of the Indians, burrowers attacked humans because the “white” man has wiped clean all the only food source of the burrowers which is the buffalo.

I didn’t like the ending either because the protagonist finds out the only way to trap the burrowers is to poison them, but he never finds out what the poison is.  The only Indian that knew was hanged by the general.

It leaves you feeling that there could be a part II and I hate it when movies do that to you.



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