Movie Review: Cocaine Cowboys


***Spoiler Alert***


Documentary about how the cocaine trade industrialized the city of Miami.

The documentary hits on many characters that played a part such as the transporters, the South American cocaine plants, and the cocaine dealers.

The trade started off small, but grew quickly to a multi-million dollar project.

With drug money, came the establishment of banks catered to drug and a whole economy that was being fueled by drug money.

With million of money pouring in, different groups started to perpetrate violence on each other.

The violence soon included innocent bystanders.

Since Florida is surrounded by the ocean, it made it difficult to police the water from incoming drug trafficking.

When the US federal government stepped in, the drug trade finally started dip.

Final Thoughts:

Informative documentary about drug trafficking in Miami.

I couldn’t really find a logical transition from one story to the next.  I guess they could’ve done a better job with that.

Their are multiple stories and interviews with law enforcement, drug dealers, drug enforcers, and drug transporters.

At times I felt it dragged on and on.

Perhaps it would’ve benefit from some more editing.



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