Movie Review: 2009 Lost Memories

***Spoiler Alert***


Set in a fictitious time period where Japan has taken control of Korea.

A korean terrorist group called the Hureisenjin is bent on over-throwing the Japanese government.

The japanese police squad is headed by a japanese officer Shojiro and a korean officer Masayuki.

Masayuki is bent on discovering why the Hureisenjin group is consistently attacking the Inoue Foundation.

He finds out the Inoue Foundation has stolen some korean relics that allow for time travel.

They have sent back a Japanese agent to infiltrate and stop an assassination that was supposed to happen and lead to Korea being free from Japan.

The Hureisenjin group is poised to go back in time to correct the events but the Inoue won’t let them go so easily.

In the end, each group has one member sent into the past, both who are friends.

Masayuki succeeds and destroys the Korean relics to prevent future time travel.

Final Thoughts:

Plenty of action, but it took a while to get to the point.

I was annoyed of the female lead, because I didn’t find her attractive at her.  Perhaps I’m being too superficial.

Masayuki and Shojiro friendship is confusing because initially they are tight, but out of no where Shojiro turns on Masayuki.

Some of the gun fights are repeated, meaning they use the same tactics/moves over and over.

It gets old really quick.

Entertaining movie if you are a big fan of time travel.  If not for the time travel which is part of the twist in the plot, I would only given this money 2 stars.



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