Movie Review: Fighter in the Wind

***Spoiler Alert***


Korean movie based on true events of karate master Choi Yeung-Eui.

Korean immigrant dreams of flying in Japanese army soon realizes that Koreans aren’t very welcomed in Japan.

While trying to make a life for himself, he meets his old mentor Bum-soo who is a martial arts expert.

Choi begs Bum-soo to be his mentor and learns martial arts.

His master gets killed by a group of gang members which throws Choi into complete chaos.  Choi runs into the mountain to train independently vowing to never to lose a figh again.

After his strenuous training, he returns from the mountain and challenges all the Japanese dojo.  He beats them all until one day he is challenged by a swordsman and kills the swordsman.

Feeling extreme regret, he travels to the swordsman family house to ask for forgiveness.  The family resents him but eventually welcomes him because they know he is sincere with his apology.

In the end, the head master of the Japanese Karate Association challenges Choi.  Choi defeats them all.

Final Thoughts:

This story resemble many other martial arts movie, where the main character runs around challenging all the dojos.

This always results in trouble finding him.

And eventually he rises above the trouble.

Their’s a romantic plot in the movie which I found depressing in regards to the female character.

Choi seeking forgiveness from the family was also a humbling experience.  It showed he isn’t just bent on endless violence and domination.

The movie definitely picks up immediately after his training because that’s when he starts kicking butt non-stop.



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