Movie Review: Ice Age 4 “Continental Drift”

***Spoiler Alert***


This time Manny, Sid, & Diego are set onto the seas because of the continental drift.

They are trying to get back to Manny’s wife and child, but drift into pirates who demands they join their crew or face death.

Manny is bent on returning home so he rebels, destroys the pirate ship, and floats to a island.

Here, the pirates have built a new ship in which Manny, Diego, & Sid steals to find their way home.

The pirates vow revenge on Manny and start chasing him down.

Manny comes home, but can’t find anyone.  The pirates have captured everyone and their is a huge fight.

Manny and his friends fend off the pirates.

Final Thoughts:

This is one of those movies that if you don’t watch with many people, you might not find it funny at all.

It’s definitely has all the components that made previous installments successful.

At the same time, if you’ve seen the previous 3 you will see a common trend that quickly bores you.

Definitely a good movie for children and teenagers.

Some adults may find the humor and comedy redundant.



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