Movie Review: A Bloody Aria

***Spoiler Alert***


A professor drives home his student on a Sunny day, only to stop by a river to rest.

He makes sexual advances towards and she ends up running away afraid for her life.

She encounters two punks roughing up a high school student, but she hides until they leave.

She walks until she finds a guy on a motorcycle and asks him for a ride.

The two punks end up coming back to the river to meet up with one of their friend.

The professor is still there and the girl is driven back to the river on the motorcycle.

Everyone seems to know each other.

From here on, things get very tense and violent.  Everyone beats up on the high school student.  The girl is forced into the car to be raped.  The professor is forced to fight with the high school student.

Eventually a cop comes who happens to be the high school student’s brother.  He beats up everyone.

Final Thoughts:

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what kind of movie this is.

It’s violent, but not many people die.

People get beat up, then quickly reverse their position to take revenge.

The movie does a good job of tying all the characters together, because you their isn’t any type of connection.

You expect a violent retribution from the cop because of what they did to his little brother, but you end up getting something completely different.

This is a movie that pushes boundaries of what it means to be conventional.



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