Movie Review: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

***Spoiler Alert***


A woman is released from prison after spending years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit.  While in prison she be-friends many in-mates who later helps her exact revenge on the man who forced her into admitting to a crime she didn’t do.

The guilty man kidnapped and threatened to kill her daughter, if she didn’t do what he asked her to do.

She drugs him and drags him to an isolated location where she roughs him up.

She then brings in all the parents who had children killed by the man.  Slowly they debate on what should happen to him.

They come to the conclusion, that each pair of parents will have alone time with the murderer to exact their own revenge.

Final Thoughts:

Very intelligent and methodical movie on how one woman plans her revenge on the man that ruined her life.

It is sentimental because you are allowed to see her create a new bond with the daughter she had to leave behind because she was in prison.

The movie jumps back and forth from present and past to show the audience how certain things came out to be the way they are.

Very violent movie that sends a the message a tit for tat.



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