Movie Review: Joint Security Area

***Spoiler Alert***


At the border of North & South Korea, two north Korean border patrol officers are killed and all fingers are pointed at the south Korean border patrol officers.

A neutral governing agency is sent in to investigate.

They learn that both sides have conflicting stories that justifies they have done nothing wrong.

As the investigator digs deeper into the story, she discovers inconsistencies to each side’s stories.

She soon discovers the true story behind the conflict which revolves around both sides being close friends.  The four patrol officers, 2 from the south and 2 from the north, become quick friends

They spend time together until one day someone catches them and they have to kill him to hide the fact that they are all friends.

During this standoff, one of the 4 gets killed by his own friend.

Guilt drives the surviving member into suicide.

Final Thoughts:

The initial investigation is very secretive and mysterious.

As soon as the north officers be-friends the south officers, the story quickly turns sweet.

It brings hope to the North-South conflict, that if these two can iron out their differences, perhaps the whole country still has a chance of unification.

Everything turns sour when their friendship is discovered by another officer, which forces them to bring out guns.

Friends killing each other.  Friends covering up for each other even till the very end.  You never know who really is a good guy or a bad guy.

Guilt soon takes them over and pushes them to end it all.



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