Movie Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

***Spoiler Alert***


Shy freshman Charlie, be-friends two seniors Sam and Patrick, who are part of a group of misfits.

They grow closer and closer with each other with the shy freshman falling for Sam.

Sam eventually ends up with a college student and Charlie ends up with Mary Elizabeth, a senior who is part of the band of misfits.

All through the movie, Charlie has constant flashback of his Aunt who dies in a car crash.  He believes  he caused the death of his favorite Aunt.

One day, during a game of truth or dare while still dating Mary Elizabeth, he is dared to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room.  Everyone thinks he will kiss his gf, but he ends up kissing Sam.

This causes a big commotion, because Sam & Mary Elizabeth had a past with the same guy.  Charlie kissing Sam, just brought up all the past emotions and complicate things.

Charlie is asked not to hangout with the group anymore.

This draws Charlie into a state of desperation, because he has no friends other than Sam & Patrick.

One day, Patrick is caught in a brawl and is ganged up by a bunch of athletes.  Sam comes to help, but gets pushed out.  Charlie runs in and backs up Patrick.

He is quickly welcomed into the band of friends again.

All the seniors graduate and are off to college.  The night before Sam leaves, Charlie expresses his love to her and they make love.

When she leaves, he goes through a depression and is admitted into a psychiatric hospital where we find out that his Aunt had sexually molested him while he was small.

As he is able to come out with that trauma, he is slowly healing and returning to normal.

Charlie is released from the hospital and meets up with Sam & Patrick for one last hangout before the movie ends.

Final Thoughts:

This is a movie of how important friendship is in high school.  It literally can mean the difference between hell and heaven for some kids.

Friends can help you through your own hell, but eventually you must confront your own demons.

Crushes and hidden love is an ongoing theme in this movie which asks the questions “Why do nice people end up with the wrong people?”

His depression and fondness of his favorite aunt, shows us how complicated things can get if the ones you love, are also the ones who take advantage of you and mistreat you.



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