Movie Review: Brotherhood of War

***Spoiler Alert*


Two close brothers who are enrolled into Southern Korean Army are forced to protect each other at all costs.

The older brother makes a deal with the Sergeant, that if he gets a Medal of Honor, the Sergeant sends the little brother back to the family.

This is a catch-22 because the only way the older brother can get a Medal of Honor is by volunteering for dangerous missions that require great risks.

If he doesn’t do it, either brothers or both may die.  If he goes, he may die, but at least it will guarantee that one of them will get to go home.

After countless attempts of bravery, the older brother is promoted and granted seniority.  Quickly he allows the power to get to his head, when he starts to abuse his power.

This drives the younger brother crazy, because he feels that he is the cause of this change in his brother.

The younger brother wishes his older brother can become his former self again.

As the war progresses, both brothers start to bump heads because the younger brother disagrees in the way the older brother is running the show.

One day they both come home to find out the older brother’s fiance is being questioned by Southern Army officials.  They accuse of her siding with the Northern army and threaten to execute her.

Both brothers infiltrate the compound in hopes of rescuing her.  They both end up getting caught, while the fiance is executed.  While being held captive the Northern Army comes and attacks their compound.  The older brother pleads the leading Southern officer to let his younger brother go from prison.  The officer orders the prison to be burned down.

After the Northern army takes over, the older brother searches the burnt prison for signs of his younger brother.  He finds a burned corpse with a pen that was given to him before the war.  He assumes the younger brother is dead and vows to oppose the South, because they took the lives of his brother and fiance.

We find out the younger brother was actually rescued by soldier in his former company.  By this time, everyone hear’s about how the older brother has joined the Northern Army in order to exact his revenge on the Southern Army.

The younger brother vows to find his older brother, hoping that finding out the truth will change his brother’s views and return back to the South.

They find each other during a battle between the North and South, and the older brother protects his younger brother once again as he shoots the Northern Army while his younger brother is escaping.

Final Thoughts:

This movie is on the outside the war between North & South Korea, but underneath it is mainly about the relationships between two brothers.

The older brother at any costs, protects his younger brother and does what he can to guarantee the younger brother is sent back home.

Sometimes the cost of sending the younger brother back is so great that the younger brother hates himself.  He feels like he is the reason his brother is changing.

It shows how narrow-minded we can be when we are put in a high position and asked to make sound decisions about the whole.

At the same time, it shows how faithful we can be to family regardless of which side we end on, whether it is the North or the South.



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