Movie Review: Friends

***Spoiler Alert***


Four close friends who grow into different roles after different phases of life.  One is the gangster, one is a wanna-be gangster, the other is a nerd, and the last one is a class clown.

In one phase, the leader is weak from drug addiction while everyone looks after him.

In another, the leader puts down the wanna-be gangster in favor of the nerd.  The nerd and the leader is always on good terms.  They have a very special relationship that draws opposites together in the world.

As time passes by, both the leader and the wanna-be gangster move up in the underworld.  With the wanna-be gangster letting all the power get to his head to the point where he starts getting cocky around the leader.

The leader respects their friendship and doesn’t hold grudges against the wanna-be gangster, but when the wanna-be gangster goes overboard, the leader sends people to finish him off.

He regrets this decision and confesses to the court that he killed his own friend.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed the movie because of how the movie covers different time periods of these four friends as they grow from adolescent to teenagers to young adults to adults.

There is always some kind of politics and group dynamics ruling how the group congregate.

At times people are put down.  Other times they are backed up and supported.  Other times they rise above the stereotypes of their own group to create a name for themselves.

One aspect that is always a constant is the relationship between the nerd and the leader.  There seems to be a focus there and because there is a focus there, it is easier to grow fond of them.



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