Movie Review: Crying Fist

***Spoiler Alert***


The story revolves around two men who find salvation in boxing.

One of the man is a former boxing silver medalist.  He hasn’t has the opportunity to adjust to the grind of daily life.  His wife wants to leave him and his son is disappointed in him.

He goes to the town square to offer himself as a punching bag for anyone who needs to expend some stress for money.

He learns of a light-weight competition which re-invigorates him into training hard for the tournament.

The other man is a drop-out who gets into fights, steals money, and gets into nothing but trouble.

One day while robbing a man, he kills him and is sent to prison.

In prison, he quickly finds that he has this temper and the only way to channel all this negative energy is through boxing.

While in prison, his dead dies which drives him even more into boxing because it’s the only thing he is ever good at that isn’t frowned upon.

In a way, he wants to prove himself to his dead father.

He hears of a light-weight boxing tournament and decides to sign-up.

Both men meet each other in the finals and go toe to toe for all 10 rounds.

In the end, the prisoner wins the match.

Final Thoughts:

Introspective movie on how finding a passion can drive anyone out of their hell.

Both men are hitting lows in their lives, but climb out with the help of boxing.

Boxing is a medium for both men to challenge themselves and their demons.

Everyone has shit happens to them, but the question is how does one rise above all this shit?

This movie answers that question.



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