FB Status Update: Dishwashing Drama

(One week ago)

Me and my mom got into it recently.

It was over a dish drying rack.

I had bought one at Wal-mart for $5 dollars and this is what happened when I brought it into her kitchen.

Mom: Why did you buy that for?
Me: Because we broke our dishwasher and now we need a new place to dry our dishes for when I’m done washing them!

(background story … like most traditional Vietnamese families, we have a dishwasher, but we never use it. We HAND WASH everything. We use our dishwasher to dry our dishes after we hand wash them. Oh joy.)

Mom: Well, didn’t I say we’re going to get a new dishwasher soon? Why waste $5 dollars when we don’t need it?
Me: Mom, you said we were going to get a new dishwasher 6 months ago. How about I return the dish drying rack when you get a new dishwasher?

(When parents say they’ll buy something soon that will make your life easier, what they’re really thinking is “Why waste $500 dollars when Thao does an excellent job for free.”)

Mom: Fine. Leave it over there. I’m going to make you eat your words, when I buy that new dishwasher!
Me: Fine!

(Ok … my mom didn’t actually say “I’ll make you eat your words”, but that’s what she would’ve said if she knew what it meant!)

I walked into the house today and notice that MY dish drying rack is being used. Woohohoho, my mom finally caved in and used my dish drying rack.

This is usually a time to practice humility and perhaps just let it go. No need to rub it all in my mom’s face just because I’m right for once. Plus it’s Lent, try giving up the need to always be right.

And then it dawned on me … I’ll give up the need to always be right … next year! What a great idea!

Me: Mom! Why are there clean dishes on my dish drying rack?

(Mom already has a dirty look because she knows I got my troll face on. Nothing good ever occurs when I got my troll face on.)

Mom: Well, it was just sitting on the other table doing nothing. I figure, why not put it to use.
Me: But, but … how will I return it if you already used it?

(I’m not letting my mom off that easily … )

Mom: Well, I saved you a trip back to Wal-mart, didn’t I?
Me: Mom, you are so thoughtful … always thinking about what’s best for me.

(Finally let my mom off the hook … she did give birth to me you know!)

This post is dedicated to Mary Nguyen, because she enjoys the drama that happens between me and my mom.

And now introducing the infamous dish drying rack!


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