FB Status Update: Early Easter Surprise

Every Easter, I always notice the plastic eggs with treats inside of them.

I think it’s supposed to remind us of new life and how Jesus overcame death.

Perhaps, opening the plastic eggs alludes to how they opened the cave to Jesus’ tomb.

Well, today I received a really early easter surprise.

Don’t know what I ate, but I felt nature calling to me while I was waiting for Hoang at church.

Nature was yelling blatantly to me, “NUMBER TWOOOOO! NOWWW.”

Rushed into the men’s restroom and saw three stalls.

Naturally I’m not picky when I’m in a rush, because beggars can’t be choosers right?

The first two stalls were same size, but the last one was two times bigger.

You may not realize this, but spaciousness counts a lot in these type of situations.

With all the splashing and dunking that goes on, you want plenty of room to maneuver yourself around.

Don’t want to get yourself mixed up in the cross-fire.

Plus, a larger stall equals a larger air space which ultimately means better circulation.

Last time I checked, oxygen is pretty high on our basic human needs list.

So naturally, I skipped the first two stalls and reached for the third stall.

As, I closed into the third stall, I noticed the door was slightly open.

Thinking to myself, “This is so perfect. Door slightly open. Gotta be empty. Hopefully, the guy before me flushed and cleaned after himself. If so, I can make a smooth landing and unload all my cargo.”

I push the door open and hear someone say: “This stall’s occupied!”

I look up and see an old man, pants down, with hand over the restricted area.

A couple of thoughts just bounced crazily in my head:

“My virgin eyes! Why this? Why now?”

“Doesn’t this man know how to use the lock on the door?”

“Is there a dead animal in here?”

Realizing, I’ve been staring at him too long.

I say, “Ohhh sorry” and leave.

I contemplate going into the smaller stall, but find my brain still imprinted with the image of the old man on the toilet with his pants down.

Conflicted over the thought: “Argh! This is too awkward. I can’t be in the same restroom as this man. It feels so un-natural.”

I make a mad dash to the nearest restroom and do what I gotta do … in peace.

Later on, I realized that, “Hey! That experience represents Easter for me. Kids open a plastic egg and get a surprise. I open a stall door and get a surprise.”

But in my case, I really wished my egg was empty.


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