Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

***Warning Spoiler Alert***


Unemployed Bum and a bunch of his friends get caught up in a fake kidnapping of a man who has the same name as the Bum.

The bum’s name is Dude or The Dude and forms a bowling league team with two of his two friends.  One is a uptight Jew who happens to be a Vietnam Vet.  He is constantly venting and cursing throughout the movie.

The other guy is just this skinny annoying character who asks stupid questions or makes stupid points.

For the most part, The Dude is taken on a ride with various characters related to the kidnapped girl one way or another.

In the end, the Dude discovers the truth but only after one of his buddies dies.

Final Thoughts:

I heard from my brother Henry say that, this is one of those movies where you watch when you’re half-baked on some weed.

Personally, I found the conversation between the Dude and everyone unintelligible.  It’s so random and out-there that you’re asking yourself is this dude for real?

The story has twists and turns, but in the end you just realize that you’re in it for the Dude and his friends.

Regardless of whether he comes out on top or not doesn’t become a concern.  Only thing that matters is he keeps on talking.

Weird movie, but still manages to stay timeless and relevant despite being made so long ago.

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