Movie Review: GI Joe 2 “Retaliation”

***Spoiler Alert***


The G.I. Joes are betrayed by someone from within.  They find out it’s a member of  Cobra that has disguised himself as the President.

The Joes escape with only three members and quickly investigate the secret plans of the Cobra organization.

Meanwhile, Snakeyes (good ninja) seeks out StormShadow (bad ninja).  They have a epic fight and Snakeyes successfully brings StormShadow back to Japan where he is interrogated.

We find out that the only reason StormShadow was cast away as a traitor was because he was framed by the same guy who is impersonating the President.

Even though StormShadow works for Cobra, he puts his allegiance aside to help the Joes in order to exact revenge on the man that framed him.

Joes find out that the fake president plans on using Project Zeus to threaten the world leaders into succumbing to Cobra.  Project Zeus is a satellite that can send nuclear waves to destroy any city.

Joes crash into the World Leaders meeting, retain the suitcase that controls the Project Zeus, but only after Cobra has made a clean escape.

Final Thoughts:

The story is entertaining and more action-packed compared to the first one.

I definitely liked it more than the first.

The ninja fights between StormShadow and SnakeEyes on top of the mountain was epic.  Never really quite since ninja fights like that before.

Still managed to squeeze in a few comedic laughs here and there for good measure.



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