Movie Review: The Dictator

***Spoiler Alert***


Sacha Baron Cohen stars as a dictator who rules his country with oppression and ignorance.

As a dictator, he demands ridiculous things that don’t make sense such as a rocket with a point head.  If anyone argues with him or denies what he wants, he has them killed.

That is his one solution to everything.

One day he visits America, only to have his Uncle betray him with a phony Dictator who looks exactly like the real one.

The real one is kicked into the streets of New York to fend for himself.  There he meets a hippy girl with hairy armpits who he eventually falls in love with.

She temporarily makes him forget all his ideals about being a Dictator, but meets one of his ex-nuclear scientist who reminds him of what is important.

They both successfully break into the fake Dictator’s room, kick him out, and assume the real role of the Dictator.

He is then led to a peace summit, where he seizes sole control of his country only to change his mind last minute when his love re-appears.

He promises democracy in his country and he marries her in his own country.

Final Thoughts:

I find the humor obnoxious, immature, and outlandish.

This may work for certain people.

I also noticed the comedic levels pick up after he goes to America.

There is plenty of female/male nudity in this movie, sometimes for no apparent reasons, so be prepared for that.



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