Movie Review: The Client

***Spoiler Alert***


A married man is accused of killing his wife, but no one knows how or where the body is.

The prosecutor has once prosecuted this man before of killing a high school girl, but because lack of evidence, they were forced to let him go.

The defending lawyer takes on the case but is somewhat unsure about his client’s innocence.

Throughout most of the story, there are many holes in the married man’s story that slowly gets revealed with further investigation.

Everyone is lead to believe he is really innocent until the very end, when a couple of things happen.

First of all, the defending lawyer brought up an exercise to look at the door just in case the supposedly wife comes through the door.  Everyone looks except for the husband.  Everyone looks because they’re not sure if she’s really dead or alive.  The husband doesn’t look, because he knows she is dead.

The defending lawyer’s investigator discovers that during the night of his wife’s death, he visited the same area that they had memories of in a picture.  There he learns that witnesses have seen the man carrying something into the river.

In the end, the defending lawyer approaches the guilty man demanding the truth.  He secretly records the confession on an audio recorder and later uses it to bring his client to justice.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very intelligent thriller that brings you on a emotional roller coaster from beginning all the way to the end.

If you love CSI or Criminal Minds, you will fall in love with this movie.

The investigation process is very thorough, but the crime that was committed was executed precisely leaving no evidence for anyone to work with.

Acting performances were top-notch.



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