Movie Review: Jagten (The Hunt)

***Spoiler Alert***


A male care-take Lucas at a child care center is accused of sexual abuse.  The event never happened, but the girl who accused it was just making it up.

When she brings it up, her teachers and parents want to believe it to be true because they argue that a child cannot make these kind of things up.

Quickly the Lucas’ life is turned upside down.  All his friends with kids turn on him.  The community including the stores do not welcome in there anymore.

Only a few people stand by his side including his new girlfriend, his son, and one of his friends.

After a hearing, the judge concludes that he isn’t guilty.  Despite this, the community is convinced that he got away with murder.

They harass Lucas, throw rocks into his house, and kill his dog.

One day, the man confronts the girl’s father at church.  They used to be best-friends before the incident happened.  From his intuition, he can tell now that his friend is really innocent.

He forgives his friend and brings him food for Christmas night.

A year passes by and everyone is coming together to celebrates Lucas’ son first hunt.  Lucas gives his son a rifle and they go on a deer hunt in the forest.

The last scene show Lucas alone in the forest when out of no where a bullet buzzes past his face and hits a tree 1 feet away from him.

He looks up the hill and sees the outline of a figure.

The movie ends there.

Final Thoughts:

This movie dives deeply into the scenario of what happens when everyone believes in a lie.

It is extremely frustrating to see everyone become so blinded by what they want to believe which causes them to lose all sense of the truth.

One wonders throughout the whole movie, who is to blame for all of this?  Is the child false accusing at fault?  Is the Lucas at fault?  Is the community at fault?

Perhaps this movie illustrates the inconsistencies that we live with.  Perhaps this movie shows how we can all by hypocrites.

For sure, it shows the gray area that lies in between reality and truth.



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