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FB Status Update: Manny Pacquiao

Volunteering for Spa Castle Commercial and they asked for a pic of me. I sent the following pic and got the following response from them:

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 1.51.15 AM

“P.S. Did anyone ever tell you that you resemble Manny Pacquiao? He’s my favorite boxer.”

I guess Manny Pacquiao is making a guest appearance on Spa Castle Commercial.

Now I realize why people always come up to me asking for signature and when I sign my name, they always respond with: “That’s an interesting way of spelling Manny.”

Hey I may resemble Manny Pacquiao, but I assure you, underneath the suit we are of identical build.

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Movie Review: The Grandmasters

***Spoiler Alert***


Another movie about Ip Man.

This one jumps back and forth from other characters who are somehow related to Ip Man.

The movie starts out with his beating 20-30 people in the rain for no reason at all except to show you that he can.

The leader of the martial arts organization is stepping down and he is looking for someone to take his spot in the Southern region.

Ip Man takes up to the challenge but he must battle other martial arts master’s to prove his worth.  When he finally reaches the grandmaster, they duke it out and Ip Man wins.

The grandmaster’s daughters wants to avenge her father’s loss and challenges Ip Man.  They duke it out and she wins.

Through the exchange of fists, they both have fallen for each other.

Before anything can happen, the Japanese invade China and Ip Man is thrown into poverty.

Meanwhile, the grandmaster is betrayed by his top student and is killed.  The grandmaster’s daughter seeks revenge.  She finds him and avenges her father but at the cost of losing all her martial arts ability.

Ip Man then travels to Hong Kong, sets up a new martial arts school, and meets up with the grandmaster’s daughter for one last time.

She dies and the movie ends shortly after.

Final Thoughts:

Of all the Ip Man movie out there, this one is the most artistic.  The fight scenes are well choreographed and it seems more like a chess match being played out.

The fight scenes in here are comparable to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Jet Li’s Hero, where fights aren’t all about blood spilling, bone-crunching, and brutal violence.  The fight scenes here focuses on details, beautiful music, and scenery.

This movie also uses an actor who has few, if any, martial arts movie background.  Tony Leung is known for his dramatic/charismatic demeanor on screen if anything at all.  They do a convincing job of portraying him as a martial arts master.

There is definitely more emphasis in story telling then action, so if you came for action only, you may be disappointed.



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Movie Review: Jagten (The Hunt)

***Spoiler Alert***


A male care-take Lucas at a child care center is accused of sexual abuse.  The event never happened, but the girl who accused it was just making it up.

When she brings it up, her teachers and parents want to believe it to be true because they argue that a child cannot make these kind of things up.

Quickly the Lucas’ life is turned upside down.  All his friends with kids turn on him.  The community including the stores do not welcome in there anymore.

Only a few people stand by his side including his new girlfriend, his son, and one of his friends.

After a hearing, the judge concludes that he isn’t guilty.  Despite this, the community is convinced that he got away with murder.

They harass Lucas, throw rocks into his house, and kill his dog.

One day, the man confronts the girl’s father at church.  They used to be best-friends before the incident happened.  From his intuition, he can tell now that his friend is really innocent.

He forgives his friend and brings him food for Christmas night.

A year passes by and everyone is coming together to celebrates Lucas’ son first hunt.  Lucas gives his son a rifle and they go on a deer hunt in the forest.

The last scene show Lucas alone in the forest when out of no where a bullet buzzes past his face and hits a tree 1 feet away from him.

He looks up the hill and sees the outline of a figure.

The movie ends there.

Final Thoughts:

This movie dives deeply into the scenario of what happens when everyone believes in a lie.

It is extremely frustrating to see everyone become so blinded by what they want to believe which causes them to lose all sense of the truth.

One wonders throughout the whole movie, who is to blame for all of this?  Is the child false accusing at fault?  Is the Lucas at fault?  Is the community at fault?

Perhaps this movie illustrates the inconsistencies that we live with.  Perhaps this movie shows how we can all by hypocrites.

For sure, it shows the gray area that lies in between reality and truth.



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Movie Review: The Client

***Spoiler Alert***


A married man is accused of killing his wife, but no one knows how or where the body is.

The prosecutor has once prosecuted this man before of killing a high school girl, but because lack of evidence, they were forced to let him go.

The defending lawyer takes on the case but is somewhat unsure about his client’s innocence.

Throughout most of the story, there are many holes in the married man’s story that slowly gets revealed with further investigation.

Everyone is lead to believe he is really innocent until the very end, when a couple of things happen.

First of all, the defending lawyer brought up an exercise to look at the door just in case the supposedly wife comes through the door.  Everyone looks except for the husband.  Everyone looks because they’re not sure if she’s really dead or alive.  The husband doesn’t look, because he knows she is dead.

The defending lawyer’s investigator discovers that during the night of his wife’s death, he visited the same area that they had memories of in a picture.  There he learns that witnesses have seen the man carrying something into the river.

In the end, the defending lawyer approaches the guilty man demanding the truth.  He secretly records the confession on an audio recorder and later uses it to bring his client to justice.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very intelligent thriller that brings you on a emotional roller coaster from beginning all the way to the end.

If you love CSI or Criminal Minds, you will fall in love with this movie.

The investigation process is very thorough, but the crime that was committed was executed precisely leaving no evidence for anyone to work with.

Acting performances were top-notch.



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Gaming Apps Review: Candy Crush Saga


Puzzle game by that is extremely addictive.  The goal is to match up 3 or 4 same colored candy to achieve a goal.  Goals include reaching a certain score, reaching a certain score by a certain time limit, reach a certain score by a certain # of moves, destroying objective pieces, and completing special candy orders.  You can play this game on your android or apple device.  It also can be played through facebook.


Free to play, but you only get 5 lives.  You can pay money to get more total lives.  You get a free life every 20-30 minutes.  You can also get free lives by asking your facebook friends for lives.  There are special items that you can pay such as unlimited time, extra moves, and starting with special candies.


Varies by stage and can range from easy to extremely difficult.  They always throw in at least one difficult stage for every ten games you play.  Each new kingdom presents one new puzzle problem that they present in the game which they will combine with previous puzzle problems.  This keeps the game fresh and extremely tough to beat considering the fact that you must take into account all the problems.


You can get more lives by watching advertisement.  Pretty much 1 life per commercial you watch.  It’s one way they make money off of you.  By forcing you to ask friends for lives, it makes Candy Crush a social game where the more you interact with friends the longer you can play.  Even if you don’t ask friends for lives, you have to ask them for tickets which is required to go to the next kingdom.  Time limit on lives, forces you into a habit of coming 2-3 hours later to play over and over again.  After doing this for a couple of days, it becomes second nature to log onto Candy Crush.


5/5, for being extremely addictive and rewarding if you surpass levels in which you were stuck on for 4 days.

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FB Status Update: Awkward Mother/Son Moments

My mom loves sales/deals, so when she goes to CVS and notices a dirt cheap deal she buys it. She doesn’t wonder if she needs. Nope can’t pass up on a good deal.

Today she buys 5 things. Doesn’t know what they do, because she can’t read English. She just buys it, comes home, and asks me:

Mom: Hey Thao, what do these things do?
Me: Well this is vitamins, this is for rashes, this is a type of lotion, this is for coughs, and this is … this is for …

I realize that she just bought K-Y Sensitive Jelly and the instructions say: “Apply desired amount of lubricant to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed. Close after use. May be applied to outside of condom surface to help reduce irritation caused by vaginal dryness. Compatible with latex condoms ONLY.”

I’m thinking inside my head, “Great! Just Great … this is the the last thing I want to talk to my mom about. Lubricant, intimate areas, condoms … definitely not the words I use in any of my day-to-day conversations with my mom.”

So my problem is I know exactly what product does. I just have trouble using those words with my mom.

I’m sure there are mom/sons out there who are quite comfortable talking about all this stuff. I for one am not.

So I try to be as ambiguous as possible. I’m planning on not having to use those exact words and hopefully she gets it.

So I say, “Uhm, yeh, this is a type of lotion that you use down there. It helps when people are somewhat dry in the area.”

I shut up and pray to God that she gets it.

She gets it, she nods and walks away.

My last thought as she is walking away is, “Pleasssseeeee don’t ask me if I need it. Pleasssssseeeee.”

Because she always so giving and generous with her products. Most of the time I’m grateful. This time I just want the discussion of lubricants to be over with.

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