FB Status Update: Half Your Age

Went to the hospital with my brother Nghia and one of the nurses asked the following:

Nurse: “Are you two brothers?”
Me: “Yes we are. Why do you ask?”
Nurse: “You two look like you’re the same age.”
Me: “We do?”
Nurse: “Yep.”

She walked us into his room and left.

Then I thought to myself:

“Not sure if she was speaking the truth or just went out of her way to compliment me.”
“No wonder women lie about their age, it feels good to be young when you’re actually really old.”
“If I look half my age, does that mean I should start dating girls half my age?”

I’m approaching 33 years old and my brother Nghia is 17 years old.

Stay young Nghia.

Like your older brother Thao.

But don’t date girls half your age.

They’re still in elementary.

And that would be wrong.

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