Reddit: Kiddies Running Away From Home

A trending reddit post today was labeled “Woke up to this note from my 6 year old”. (reddit link)


For those of you who can’t read the language of “child lingo”, here is the translation posted by a redditor (Poemi):

Hi Dad,
I ran
away. Just
kidding, I’m
in my

Things must’ve gotten pretty serious around the house for a little kid to think of running away from home.  Of course we have some mature redditors sharing their own childhood stories of running away from home:

  1.  I remember I did this once when I was 4. (Except I was serious) I packed a walmart bag with cheese and lived by the tree in my front yard until I got thirsty from all the cheese and came back inside. Those fifteen minutes living on my own helped shape me into the man I am today. (gmrobert123)
  2. I ran away when I was about 9 once. I made the mistake of taking our black lab with me (she was going to catch rabbits for me!).   We lived pretty rural and down a valley, so I got about a kilometer down the road when I heard my dad’s car start up and hid up a tree. Damn dog sat at the bottom of the tree barking at me. Ruined everything.  (sezzeratum)
  3. When I was little, my go-to tantrum threat was “I’LL RUN AWAY!!” one day after me threatening this for the millionth time after I couldn’t have my way, my mum walked into my room and packed a nightgown, and my toothbrush into a little bag, escorted me to the front door and shut me out, with a “good luck”.After 5 minutes of sitting on the doorstep crying, she let me in and I stopped that nonsense forever (Arelien)
  4. I was also a 4 year old run-away. My plans at the time were to live at the end of my street on a patch of grass that divided the main road from the houses. I packed an 8×10 picture of the sacred heart of Jesus it looks like this… Also packed a rosary. And a blanket. Pull ups ( had a slight bed wetting problem) No food.I started to walk down the sidewalk to my new home when my mother came running after me. She asked me where I was going. I remember putting my hands on my hips, tossing my hair back and with all the 4 year old dramatics I could muster said ” I’m outta here, I’m running away”. I can remember my moms face, she wanted to laugh but didn’t…until she opened my “run-away” bag. (badgirlmeat)
  5. Kids these days… I ran away back in 88 when I was four years old. Called my mom the “B” word that I learned from my dad. Packed my Hot Wheels case with all the Hot Wheels that a kid would ever need. Got around the block and got jumped by some black kids in my neighborhood and they jacked my shit… Decided the “Thug Life” wasn’t for me and went back home.  (ImNuttz4Buttz)

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