Reddit: Girlfriend Logic

Apparently, there are reddit users out there who are sick and tired of their significant other’s self-conflicing behaviors.  

Here is one such behavior:  (reddit link)


Apparently this kind of behavior is rampant amongst the reddit community:

  •  One time when I was in the car with my gf, she stopped the car and told me to get out. I handed my coat, got out, and started walking. Next thing I know, she pulls up next to me and starts yelling at me for walking away and making her turn around to come get me, instead of just standing there. mochacho
  •  My wife and I are in our mid to late thirties have been together for almost 10 years. She is a successful small business owner who makes a very comfortable amount of money in let’s say a consultative sales role. And while we don’t fight very often, when we do, she will eventually say, “you know what, somenorcalguy (she calls me by my reddit handle when she gets upset), if that’s the way you feel, then just leave!” And this is a good thing. Because one thing you learn about fighting with your SO as an adult is that you just back the fuck off before you flip your shit and you come back later and talk it out as humans. So when she says, “leave”, I say, “okay” and guess the fuck what – I leave. Now not every time, but about 62.37% of the time when she says, “leave” and I say, “okay” and I leave, she turns around and says, “Typical. Typical somenorcalguy just getting up and leaving and never facing the situation. You know what go. Just go.” This is a trap and there is no right answer. Whatever you do at this point you lose. But you know what, just go. Because as pissed of and as illogical as she is being at this moment, and as irritated as fuck as you must be right now, you always, always walk away and confront your problems will a cool head and a calm heart. Always. ALWAYS. SomeNorCalGuy
  •  Girl I dated once did that to me. We were fighting in the car on the way back to her house and as I pulled up to the house, I said,

    “wait a minute. Stay in the car. Let’s talk about this.”

    She responded with,”no, I’m getting out.”

    “Can I get out of the car and and talk to you?” I said.

    “No! Don’t get out of the car!”

    So I started driving home. Once I got there she called me and said she was aimlessly walking around her neighborhood. (It was about 2am) I told her I was coming to get her. She had cooled down by now and we made up. I took her to get some taco bell because she was hungry and this somehow made her even less angry.

    Then I dropped her off at home again and she said,”don’t ever leave me standing in my driveway again.”

    BITCH, YOU TOLD ME TO STAY IN THE CAR.snakesandthieves

Girls can be confusing, but girls aren’t the only ones that exhibit this type of behavior:

  • Ex boyfriend would always tell me to leave when we would fight….so when I got up to leave he would always say, “Oh, you’re just gonna give up that easy? I knew you didn’t really care!” WTF. For me, leaving was good because it allowed us time to cool down….but apparently if I left then I would be a heartless slut….  mc_glamour_
  • My ex boyfriend did this. Made him a blanket for christmas, said he didn’t like it, we fought, he told me to give it to someone else. I gave it to the couple we lived with, they loved it, he got mad I gave it away. kazztikoko


And finally we have redditors, who apparently know all the inner workings of the human mind and will try to explain to us all why people do these things:

  •  Because it’s about you doing what she wants. Not doing what she tells you to. Because she doesn’t know what she wants in the first place. You have to read her mind bro. Duh.  Smokratez
  •  She wasn’t asking you to leave, she was daring you  USTS2011
  •  Because she watches too many romantic comedies and expects you to try to win her over romantically no matter what she says.serosis
  •  I’ve had guys do this shit to me too. Not just girlfriend “logic”.  It’s an emotional reaction to perceived rejection.poeticdisaster



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