“Real Estate Confessions” #CountryHouses #FakeSnakes #WeirdNoises

A couple of months ago, I posted this on my facebook status: “Shot a house for a real estate agent today that was actually haunted, weird unexplained things happening in the house, had a priest come over and exorcise the house … :(“.

The story behind that facebook post is, I had a shoot that was far away from the dfw metroplex.  It was a very nice home, no sign of wear or tear, or anyone dying there recently.  The homeowner lived there by herself with her pet dog.  When I came there, the homeowner and the real estate agent were both there talking and mingling.

Halfway through the shoot, the real estate agent casually informs me that the homeowner is selling the house because it’s haunted.  That’s a bit of information that I could probably do without, but nevertheless what was heard can’t be unheard.

Normally, when houses creak or lights flicker, I don’t pay too much attention to it.  But for some reason, I was extra sensitive to anything that I thought I saw or heard.  Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.

I also noticed the real estate agent tried to stay within my vicinity, which is rare because most agents usually prefer to do paperwork or return missed calls from potential clients.  Not today, she was always within eyesight from where I was going.  Perhaps she was a little spooked too.

For most shoots, I take my time with shooting pics, because I want to make sure they come out good.  Not this house though, as soon as the agent told me it was haunted, I went on overdrive and sped through that house as fast as I could.

Getting into my car I drove away with a wave of relief flowing through me.  I never wanted to step inside a haunted house again.  The good thing is, I never did have to return to that house again.  The bad thing is, I found another house that was haunted.

This house was also out in the country.  It had tons of land, a nice huge pond with a fishing deck, a guest house, and a huge barn with horses & donkeys roaming the land.

Inside the house it was a different story.  Only one water faucet was working.  The whole house smelled musky and old.  Certain lights wouldn’t work, which made the house look dark and mysterious.

I tried opening the double front door from the inside of the house but noticed it was stuck.  I looked at the locks to make sure they were unlocked.  Pulled hard at the door, but it still didn’t budge.  I noticed a metal bar that was screwed tight to both sides of the door.  I thought to myself, “That’s weird, isn’t this a fire hazard?”

I walked through the whole house and ended up in the master bedroom.  I decided I needed to get to the front of the house.  The front door was bolted shut already.  The backdoor in which I came through the house was too far away.  Luckily the master suite had double doors that led to the side of the yard.  I tried unlocking the door and pushed it open.

It wouldn’t open.  Deja Vu.  Didn’t this just happened to me five minutes ago.  Instinctively, I looked down confirming what I already knew.  These double doors were also bolted together with a metal bar.  This made me extremely uneasy, “Why would anyone want to bolt down so many doors?  Were they afraid of someone breaking in?  Or maybe they didn’t want anyone getting out … creepy.”

After I made one last round through the house, I told the agent I was ready to shoot the house.  We were in the kitchen and she pointed to the ceiling of the kitchen.  She asked me, “Do you see that snake hanging from the top shelf?”  I looked up expecting to see a live snake ready to strike, but it was only a fake snake.  I told her I did and she asked if I could remove it for her.  No problem, no one in their right mind would want fake snakes in their pictures.

I shot the property like I normally would.  I got all the exteriors and interiors of the house.  Once I finished, I asked the agent to look over the pictures with me.  Halfway looking through the pictures, we heard a “swoosh” in one of the bedroom.  She looked at me like she just saw a ghost and asked, “Did you hear that?” I told her, “Yeah I heard it.”  Her eyes opened wide.   I guess she thought she was just hearing things, hoping that if I didn’t hear anything she could just dismiss it.

She told me to wrap up and let’s get out of here, even though she didn’t get a chance to look at all the pictures.  On the way out, she confessed to me:  “You know that fake snake I asked you to take down from the top shelf?”  I nodded.  She continued:  “Well I was here a couple of weeks ago with the owner.  I remember seeing that exact fake snake on top of the shelf, so I grabbed it and hid it in the closet.”

Now I was getting scared. Once we left the house she explained the following to me:  “An elderly couple used to live in this place.  The wife recently died.  The husband couldn’t stand living here by himself, so he decided to sell the place.  The husband left, but I’m not sure if the wife left.”

I was trying to put everything together, “So the real estate agent removed the fake snake.  Someone put it back.  Today, instead of moving the snake again and possibly pissing off whoever wanted it there, she asked me to do it.  That way if anyone gets mad, they’ll be angry with me instead of her.”

Great, not only did I visit another haunted house.  I somehow managed to step on someone’s toes.  I do not like how things are progressing for me.

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