“Real Estate Confessions” #FakeSnakesAgain #PicsOrItDidntHappen #ThereWillBeBlood

I notice a trend happening here.  I go out to the country to shoot a new property.  The house is vacant.  The residents have recently passed away.  And then creepy things start happening.

I will note the similarities of this house compared to my last house.

I take a long drive out of the city into the country to shoot a house that is so damn close to the last creepy house I shot.

The property is huge.  No one lives there. There is wildlife like cows and horses.  There’s a pond, a barnyard, and a gated entrance.  Just like the other house.

Towards the end of the shoot, I noticed something weird and somewhat out of place … again.

It happened when I was at the front door.  I was ready to leave.  For some odd reason, I had a sudden urge to look up.

Bad idea.

This is what I saw:

2014-07-16 11.52.27


Another freaking fake snake.

What is it with empty houses and fake snakes?

Why are they always in high places?  And who has the time to put them up there?  The light fixture is at least 12-15 feet high.
(I’m assuming that we’re dealing with a real person here … I could be wrong …)

One theory is, perhaps people in this part of county, place fake snakes there to ward off evil or bad luck.

It could be for warding off birds or rodents.  I can see the residents being annoyed of birds making a nest in their outdoor lights, so why  not place a fake snake to repel un-welcomed guests?

You know what would be creepy though?  If this was the same fake snake that was at the previous house.  It’s freaking following me around!!!
(Cold shivers running up and down my spine.)

Oh yeah, there’s actual a small detail I left out when I shot this house.

I don’t know what happened, nor how or when it happened, but as I was shooting the house I got a cut on my thumb.

Normally when I scratch myself, there’s a little blood and it dries up really quick.

Not this time.  This time it just kept on bleeding.

It’s probably because I had to use my hand over and over to take pics of the whole house.  It’s hard for your body to stop the bleeding when you’re constantly agitating the wounded area.

Well, after awhile it got ridiculously messy, so I had stop shooting.  I figured, the best thing is to wash the wound and refrain from using my left hand as much as possible.

That did the trick.  No more blood.

It didn’t seem like a big deal then, but after seeing the fake snake outside, I started putting two and two together.


I just left my freaking blood sample in that creepy house.  It’s literally running through all the pipes and drains inside the house.

As if I needed a reason to leave behind a “souvenir” for the house to remember that I was there.

That’s just perfect.

Rationally speaking, I’m probably just paranoid and making something out of nothing.

But if for some reason I go missing.  Or I become possessed and crawl around like a snake.

Hopefully, the holy priest, or ghost hunter, or paranormal investigator who is on my case, can use this blog to piece together the mystery.

Oh well.  What’s done is done.

Note to self.  Don’t look up anymore.

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