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I hate it when I’m all alone shooting a house that feels creepy.

You’re downstairs and you hear creaks upstairs.  It’s windy outside, so it could easily be the weather acting on the infrastructure of the house.

You leave the room and door closes behind you.  Hmm.  Perhaps the hinge was installed wrong so it’s leaning towards the door.

There’s always an explanation for anything that’s creepy in this world.

But when you’re all alone in a house, sometimes you lose the ability to logically dissect a situation.

Fear is overwhelmingly strong in these cases.

I have a theory, where fear is extremely potent wave of energy that is emitted from your body.  It tends to attract that which you fear the most.

You’re scared that someone might break-up with you, they break-up with you.

You’re scared of losing a basketball game, you lose the basketball game.

You’re afraid of making a mistake during a piano recital, your performance ends up being dry.

So when I hear things in a house, I’m not sure if fear is making me extra sensitive to normal creaks within the house …

Or that the negative energy (my fear) emitting from my body is causing the noise.

I remember watching a horror movie, where the family keeps on moving from one house to another assuming that the houses are all haunted.

In the end, they realize they’re son is the one that was possessed.  They assume the problem was the house, but the problem resided inside their own family.

That could relate to me too.  I’m the only common factor in all the haunted houses I’ve visited.

It could also relate to the next haunted house I shot.

A normal house in a normal suburban neighborhood.

I shot the whole house and reviewed the pictures with the agent and the homeowner.

After going through all the pictures, the agent said, “Good thing we didn’t see anything weird in the pics.”

Inside my head, I wondered what she meant by that.  Did she infer that my shots were weird or random?

I assumed that she might want me to re-do a shot or two, so I said, “If you think any of the pics look weird, I can go back and re-shoot it for you.”

She laughed, “No, the pictures were fine.  I was just saying that this house is supposedly haunted and I was glad no ghosts popped up in the pictures.”

My jaw dropped.  Another haunted house?!?

Being the nosy person that I am, I ask the owner, “What makes you think that this house is haunted?”

Owner:  “Well first of all, we’re not moving because the house is haunted.  We’re simply looking for a bigger home.  Second of all, my husband has no recollections of anything that I’m about to tell you.”

Me:  “So only you experienced the haunted house?”

Owner:  “Well, me and my dogs.  My dogs don’t usually bark.  They’ll bark at my neighbors and strangers that walk on the sidewalk.  The bark is very controlled and you have no feeling that the dogs sense any real danger.”

Owner:  “But when I’m home alone and I hear a door creak, or at night when I hear footsteps on the floorboards, my dogs will bark viciously.  You can see the hair stand up right at the base of their necks.  It’s as if they can sense some kind of immediate danger within the vicinity.”

Owner:  “We didn’t know the house was haunted, but after I started experiencing these weird occurrences, I asked our neighbors about the history of the house.  They told me that the previous had died in the bathtub.  They said the death was from natural causes.”

Owner:  “That made sense to me and my husband.  We had recently re-modeled that same bathroom (that she supposedly died in) and we noticed that the paranormal activities had increased ever since.  It’s as if the previous owner was upset that we had disturbed her final resting place.”

Me:  “Luckily for me, I didn’t really notice anything off or weird when I shot that bathroom.”

Agent:  “Good!  If you can’t sense anything, then our potential sellers won’t sense anything either.  The less they know the better for us.”

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