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What You Do With Money Reveals Who You Are

Me and my cousin TA were diving into various monetary topics such as tipping, spending habits, and power control issues during my birthday outing.  We briefly touched on the topic what you do with money reveals who you are.  I had some more alone time and this is what I came up with.

  1. For people who work, money serves as a counter of how much time, energy, and other sacrifices they you have accumulated in the past.  Money is usually used to fulfill their needs.

  2. For some workers, work is meaningful and therefore money serves as a bonus to what they inherently enjoy doing.  There are doctors out there who enjoy helping others so much that they would still stick with the profession, even if their salary is halved.  They are in it because of the meaningful work, money is secondary.  Of course, there are those who would change profession if they knew they would only be making half.

  3. For others, where passion is absent from work, money serves as an investment into a better or different future.  People who work meaningless hours at the local gas station, in hopes of saving up and one day starting their own restaurant belong to this category.  They put up with things they don’t enjoy now, so one day they can be able to do what they enjoy.

  4. Some people put up with work so others around them can reap the benefits of having stable income to support their lives.  Most parents who start out with nothing, don’t have a choice in what they want to do.  They put up with doing dirty, physically straining, low-paying jobs that no one else wants.  All the time they wasted on doing something they don’t enjoy is actually an investment into the future of their own kids.

  5. People who gamble have the belief that they can multiply the amount of money they have.  No one walks into a casino thinking that they will probably lose all the cash they brought.  There is even the chance that they will lose even more than what they intended to gamble with.  For one person to walk as a winner, there will probably be multiple others that must walk out as the loser.  Everyone wants to be the winner, yet the number of people who lose always outnumbers the number of people who lose.  For some reason, they are unconscious to this.

  6. People who are handed money, don’t see meaning in the things they buy.  With someone else’s money, they can buy anything they want.  Anything they want is easily thrown away because it was so easily attained.  There is no need to cherish or be grateful for something that they gave up nothing for.  If they lose something, they can always buy another one without putting out anything.  They only need to put out their hand and a rich mom or dad will provide more money.

  7. People who take other’s money, are extremely short-sighted.  They only see what they could do with that money.  When you take someone else’s money, its like unleashing a demon that will haunt you.  People will investigate, they will become suspicious of you, they will want to know the truth.  They will be relentless, they will demand justice, and they will raise their guard.  They won’t forget.  If you take money and it becomes public knowledge, you have essentially closed all doors to a bright future.

  8. People who borrow another’s money and return it, are opportunists.  They see borrowing money as an opportunity to help them out of a rut.  They see it as an opportunity to take advantage of a prosperous business endeavor.  Regardless, of whether the borrowed money serves it’s purpose or not, returning it strengthens the relationship between you and the lender.  Whether it be a bank or a rich relative, when you own up to what you say, you build credit for the future.  A friend is more likely to let you borrow $1,000 down the road, when in the past you have been good on repaying the $500 you owed them.

  9. People who borrow another’s money and don’t return it, are slowly burning down all the bridges in their life.  Every single time you borrow someone’s money and don’t return it, you have closed off that person from your life.  You don’t want to see them, because you don’t have any money to pay them back.  Every time you do see each other, it’s the one thing that will be on top of everyone’s mind.  Conversations may start on any topic, but it will always end on “where’s the money you promised to pay back?”  Your relationship has been put on hold until you can pay them back.  No meaningful conversations, life experiences, or memories will be created between you two until you have fulfilled your promise.

  10. People who lend out money to help others, transforms the lending process into a charitable act.  They realize that their money does more good in the hands of others as opposed to having the money just sit there in the bank.  They enjoy lives of plenty and prosperity, and wish the same outcome to all those around them.  They hope that with some extra cash, you can start walking down the path of your own dreams.

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When you don’t believe you’re allowed to have what you have or want what you want, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in your bank account.  You are always poor.

When you are fat on the inside, you could be five feet ten and weigh 110 pounds and you’d still feel fat.  And not just feel.  You’d still believe you were fat.

~Lost & Found by Geneen Roth

“Always poor. Always fat.”

“People binge on food or money because they believe they’re not supposed to eat/have what they want.  But just because you tell yourself you shouldn’t eat six pieces of bread a day doesn’t mean you stop wanting six pieces.  And the more you tell yourself you can’t have it, the more you want/think/obsess about it, the stronger the charge around the bread gets.  Soon all you can think about is needing to eat that bread.”

– Lost & Found by Geneen Roth

“Telling Yourself You Can’t Have It”

FB Status Update: Miss-Calls

Missed calls can happen when you’re busy.

Perhaps there is a reason why you didn’t hear the phone ring. Perhaps it was never meant to be. Perhaps your day will be much better if you missed that call.

Other times you purposely missed the call.

You look at your phone, see who’s calling and think “Oh My God! Not Him! Probably wants to borrow another grand. Not Her! How many times do I have to tell her that I’m not her baby’s daddy.”

Well today I got a miss call.

Whoopeedoo right?

I procrastinated a couple of hours. Took a nap. Ate something. Literally had nothing else to do, so I returned the call.

I said, “Sorry I missed your call. Did you need something?”
She said, “Oh sorry Thao!”
I said, “Why you sorry for?”
She said, “I miss dialed.”

(Nothing more humiliating than to find out that a miss call was actually a miss dial)

She said, “I thought you were the girl Thao.”

(I take that back. There is something more humiliating. How do you mistaken me for a girl? I realize people say I’m feminine, but this is outrageous. I am so mad I don’t even know what to say.)

She said, “Well it’s late. Goodbye Thao!”
I said, “Bye”

You know I’m actually pretty comfortable with the fact that I can be feminine at times, but moments like this throw me off balanced sometimes.

For instance, take the pic I took when I was small.

Did my mom force me to wear a dress when I was small? Was it because she wanted a girl instead of a boy?

Or did I steal this dress from my sister when no one was looking, thinking to myself that I probably looked better in it than her?

It could be that I just finished watching braveheart, where it’s actually cool for men to wear skirts! So in my attempt to be extremely manly, I end up looking girly.

Sometimes the hardest thing to decipher is what’s inside of you.

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Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

Movie Review:  Cloud Atlas

***Spoiler Alert***

Movie Synopsis:

This German produced movie revolves around multiple story lines in which the main character carries a similar birth mark.

All the story lines take place in different time periods ranging from the distant past to the  future.

One story revolves around a nuclear reactor company that is run by people who want to run it into the ground because they are afraid it will compete with oil as a natural resource for energy.

Another story revolves around a businessman who is fed medicine that is really poison.  The businessman is rescued by a slave and he vows to protect slaves from then on.

In the future we are able to manufacture humans to serve us.  These second-class humans eventually are destroyed when they are of no use.  One second-class human rebels against what is considered the norm.

Staged during the time period where symphony music is popular, a gay music composer finds his way to produce the greatest piece of music of his time, only to commit suicide because no one will accept his sexual preference.

Finally, in a world that is no longer livable.  A tribesman escorts a foreign woman to the top of the mountain.  He ends up saving her three times, only to have her save him when it really counts.

Final Thoughts:

This is a 3 hour movie, but doesn’t really feel like 3 hours.  That is a very good thing to say about any kind of movie.

The movie constantly jumps from one story line to another.  It always jumps at a cliffhanger point usually leaving you wanting to learn more.

Each story line has it’s mix of espionage, rebellion, love, gun fights, and plenty of twists.

For the most part you’re trying to follow what’s happening while always asking yourself how are all the stories related?

For the most part, you get slight hints and cues on how one time period might affect another time period, but none of the evidence is concrete.

This is the type of movie that you could watch 2 or 3 times and still have questions burning in your head.



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Restaurant Review: El Arroyo


Location: In between a gas station and a car wash.

Atmosphere: Typical restaurant with booths, waiters, bar, and outside patio. Warm and cozy inside.

Service: My waitress was ok. She brought out food, chips, and salsa like she should. Took her a lil’ while to re-fill my diet coke, but she eventually got to it. No serious attitude with her, just simply busy. Didn’t exactly feel the good vibes from her. Perhaps I am expecting too much from my waitress.

Food: Free complimentary chips and dips. Chips were good, but nothing special about the dips. It definitely helped fill up the time waiting for my food. I ordered the lunch beef fajitas which are about $9 during lunch and about 50% more during dinner. The fajitas came out sizzling hot on top of onions and bell peppers. It also came with some rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, and guacomole. At first, I notice the beef was falling apart after I poked it a couple of times but that’s because it was extremely tender. One of the best fajitas, I’ve ever tried. The flour tortillas were soft and fresh off the stove. I enjoyed all the side dishes that came with it especially the refried beans.

Price: Ended up paying $11 for the whole plate with a diet coke. Definitely will come back if I’m ever up for some good fajitas.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a good deal on some delicious fajitas. The only reason why I gave it 3 stars was because of a combination of atmosphere/service/price.

Rating:  3/5

(click on picture to get address/phone # of restaurant)

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Movie Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Movie Review:  Martha Marcy May Marlene

***Spoiler Alert***


This movie centers around Marcy who is welcomed into a cult where everyone is supposedly loved and accepted by all others.

Things start to go down south when all girls have to go through a “cleansing” with the cult leader, where they are drugged and forced into sex.

Marcy doesn’t mind much at first because everyone goes through it and she see’s nothing wrong with what is being done, until she witnesses the cult robbing a house and killing the owner.

Only then does she start to question the cult’s motives and eventually runs away and stays with her sister where she is constantly trying to drive away the demons that plagued her from the time she was in the cult.

Final Thoughts:

The sequence of events is continuously jumping back and forth from her time away from the cult with her sister and when she’s actually inside cult.

It allows the audience to see how traumatized she can get in certain situations and immediately jump to the past to reveal what happened to her to cause so much traumatization.

The movie does a good job of revealing how people can become brain-washed into joining a cult while also demonstrating why it’s so hard for some people to turn away from it once they’ve been committed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, because it provided a glimpse into the life of what happens all over the world.



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Foreign Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin

Foreign Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin

***Spoiler Alert***

Synopsis: Blood thirsty assassin samurai trying to find a new path of life now that the war is over and the army no longer needs his services anymore.

He shows he is ready to leave the past behind by carrying a reverse-blade sword, which is incapable of killing anyone since the front of the sword is blunt.

Kenshin quickly makes new friends and with the help of his friends he establishes a peaceful new life.

But his dark past follows him wherever he goes and threatens to sabotage his new future.

There is also an evil force of greed that threatens to take away the dojo he has called home and all his new friends that now reside their.

In the end, he and his new friends battle it out with swords, fists, and heart.

Final Thoughts: For a movie that is based on an anime. This is well done.

I have watched the anime and have to applaud the director/writer for staying true to the anime and bringing to life what we have seen before through animation.

Characters, dialogue, and story line all are mashed together beautifully leaving behind no questions as to why they did the things they did.

Even if you have not seen the anime, I’m sure you will enjoy the action sequences, solid storyline, and the exotic background of Japan.

The main reason why I didn’t give it a 5/5 is because I felt like some of the characters were left out like Yahiko and Mrs. Kauro.

Also the anime was known to be somewhat silly and humorous. That part was definitely left out in the live-action movie version.

Rating: 4/5

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