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Movie Review: Submarino

***Spoiler Alert***


A pair of brothers are responsible for their baby brother Martin because their mother is an alcoholic.

One day, they both wake up and find their baby brother dead.

Fast forward to the adult versions, the older brother Nick uses violence to deal with his problems.  He also washes away his misery with alcohol.

He is friends with another woman from the apartment who he visits for sexual favors.

Nick meets one of his old friend who is somewhat slow and socially awkward.  Nick finds out that his friend is a virgin so they visit a prostitute house.  They are turned down so Nick brings his friend to meet the woman at the apartment.

Nick leaves and when he comes back he finds out his friend killed the woman because she wouldn’t stop screaming.  Nick takes the rap for the death.

Nick’s brother is also grown up with a kid.  The kid’s name is Martin.  His wife had been killed in a car accident.

Nick’s brother is a drug addict and depends on heroin to get through the day.  Social services are threatening to take the boy away if he can’t bring in any income.

The father and son are inseparable, but because of his drug addiction, he often passes out and forgets to take Martin to school or buy him any food to eat.

Things get desperate when he turns to selling heroin on the street to support his kid, but the police find him and put him in jail.

His kid Martin is placed in a foster care.   He becomes de-moralized and commits suicide.

The ending of the story, you find Martin and his uncle Nick at the funeral service.

Final Thoughts:

This movie grabs your attention and never lets go for the rest of the movie.

It seems that death follows this family throughout the whole movie.  Each turn of events revolves around the death of a baby, a woman, a mother, or a brother.

This is true in everyone’s life, but one doesn’t realize the significance of it as much as it is hi-lighted in this movie.

This is a dark, surreal, and cold movie.

I give it 5 stars because it depicts accurately the lives of those who do not have much, yet are constantly being challenged to put up with more and more.



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Movie Review: The Yellow Sea

***Spoiler Alert***


A man is gambles owing millions to a gangster. He settles the debt by traveling to South Korea to assassinate a business man. He accomplishes his mission but finds out many people are after him including cops, the gangster, and a dirty corporation.

He is also searching for the whereabouts of his wife who has disappeared a long time ago.

All this chasing pushes the gangster and dirty corporation against each other. They butt heads and many lives are lost. The gangster gets the final laugh, before dying himself.

The man escapes to his home country on a boat only to die halfway on the trip with what he believes to be the ashes of his wife.

Final Thoughts:

The movie starts out really slow and ends slow. The best part is definitely the middle where he plans out his assassination and is constantly being chased by cops, gangsters, and people from the dirty corporation.

There’s definitely a feeling triumph as the two evil entities (gangster and dirty corporation) go at each other, devouring each other until nothing is left.

Good story, but takes 2.5 hours to tell it which in my opinion is too long.



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Movie Review: Waste Land



***Spoiler Alert***


This is a documentary that takes you into the lower-class citizens of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Renown contemporary artist wishes to return to his country and make a difference.  He wishes to use trash to create art.

He is aware of a land fill where a whole culture of people live.  They are called “pickers” and their job is to find recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, or glass to sell.

Initially, his expectations of the project were simple and straight forward.

But the moment he steps into the life of the “pickers”, he can’t help but get pulled into their world.

He meets key people who he decides to take portraits of, then he goes back to his studio and recreates the image using the material from the landfill.

Through his project he is able to sell the portraits for over $50,000.

All the money goes back to the “pickers” union organization.

Final Thoughts:

This is a movie that moves you, because in a way you can relate to the whole experience.

“Pickers” are down on themselves for not having a better job, while participating in the art project gives them pride and job in what they do.

Many don’t want to share what they do to friends and family.

The artist opens a whole new world to them that they could never experience without him.  At the same time, the pickers opens a new world of art that pushes the artist to reflect on his own life.

Waste land will have you reflecting on how lucky your own life is compared to those of the pickers.



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Movie Review: Elite Squad – The Enemy Within


***Spoiler Alert***


This is a Brazilian movie that centers around SWAT teams that are meant to battle drug overlords who control neighborhoods and slums.

Within a prison that holds all the different drug lords, a rebellion quickly escalates where all the drug lords kill each other leaving the city without anyone to control it.

Dirty cops quickly see the opportunity and start to run the slums as if they were the drug overlords.

Dirty cops are taken down when the head of the SWAT teams finds out about their hidden scheme.  He takes out all the dirty cops and all the government officials.

Final Thoughts:

The movie is driven more by corruption in the police department and government officials then by action or gun fights.

The ending kind of leaves you feeling like nothing is really changed.  Certain evil men are dead, but in their place others rise to replace them.

Perhaps that is the point of the whole movie.



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Foreign Movie Review: Point Blank

Movie Review:  Point Blank

*Spoiler Alert*

Sypnosis: Fast-paced foreign movie where everyone’s not who they seem to be until the movie twist is revealed.

Male nurse is black-mailed into rescuing a convict from his hospital with a police on duty.

He quickly becomes associated with the bad guy.

Eventually we learn that not all the good guys are good and not the bad guys are bad.

Male nurse and convict decide to team up and exact vengeance on the “real” bad guys who happens to have the male nurse’s pregnant wife in their hands.

Final Thought: Since it is a foreign film, you should be comfortable with reading subtitles the whole movie.

Other than that, I don’t see any other drawbacks from this movie.

Story is unique and even though it might remind you of something you’ve watched before, midway through the movie it’ll throw a curve and forever change your mind.

No holes in the story, unless you don’t read every line and only then will you get lost.

Plenty of violence and blood, but most of it is necessary. Not thrown in just because they can like some other violent movies.

Definitely a good surprise from my initial expectations at the beginning of the movie.

Rating: 5/5

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