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Movie Review: The Client

***Spoiler Alert***


A married man is accused of killing his wife, but no one knows how or where the body is.

The prosecutor has once prosecuted this man before of killing a high school girl, but because lack of evidence, they were forced to let him go.

The defending lawyer takes on the case but is somewhat unsure about his client’s innocence.

Throughout most of the story, there are many holes in the married man’s story that slowly gets revealed with further investigation.

Everyone is lead to believe he is really innocent until the very end, when a couple of things happen.

First of all, the defending lawyer brought up an exercise to look at the door just in case the supposedly wife comes through the door.  Everyone looks except for the husband.  Everyone looks because they’re not sure if she’s really dead or alive.  The husband doesn’t look, because he knows she is dead.

The defending lawyer’s investigator discovers that during the night of his wife’s death, he visited the same area that they had memories of in a picture.  There he learns that witnesses have seen the man carrying something into the river.

In the end, the defending lawyer approaches the guilty man demanding the truth.  He secretly records the confession on an audio recorder and later uses it to bring his client to justice.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very intelligent thriller that brings you on a emotional roller coaster from beginning all the way to the end.

If you love CSI or Criminal Minds, you will fall in love with this movie.

The investigation process is very thorough, but the crime that was committed was executed precisely leaving no evidence for anyone to work with.

Acting performances were top-notch.



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Movie Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Movie Review:  Martha Marcy May Marlene

***Spoiler Alert***


This movie centers around Marcy who is welcomed into a cult where everyone is supposedly loved and accepted by all others.

Things start to go down south when all girls have to go through a “cleansing” with the cult leader, where they are drugged and forced into sex.

Marcy doesn’t mind much at first because everyone goes through it and she see’s nothing wrong with what is being done, until she witnesses the cult robbing a house and killing the owner.

Only then does she start to question the cult’s motives and eventually runs away and stays with her sister where she is constantly trying to drive away the demons that plagued her from the time she was in the cult.

Final Thoughts:

The sequence of events is continuously jumping back and forth from her time away from the cult with her sister and when she’s actually inside cult.

It allows the audience to see how traumatized she can get in certain situations and immediately jump to the past to reveal what happened to her to cause so much traumatization.

The movie does a good job of revealing how people can become brain-washed into joining a cult while also demonstrating why it’s so hard for some people to turn away from it once they’ve been committed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, because it provided a glimpse into the life of what happens all over the world.



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Movie Review: Margin Call

Movie Review:  Margin Call

***Spoiler Alert***

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Generally what happens before any major crash in the stock markets. Company finds it is in a hole and proceeds to gets rid of all damaged goods to unsuspecting buyers to save its own ass.

Then it finds a scapegoat which could really be anyone. They just need to hand someone over to take the fall.

Workers are forced to sale all their assets. This leads to them losing their jobs, because they did such a good job at selling.

Everyone who is involved is nicely compensated whether you’re still part of the company or not. They pay you to shut up. They pay you to take the fall. They pay you to deceive the public.

Final Thoughts: Well told story of what may happen to any company when it has it’s back to the wall. Well acted. Demi Moore’s acting was the only thing that somewhat bothered me. Didn’t feel like she brought her A game. Never once did I get bored or lose interest. They always have you pulled into what’s happening. Only reason why I gave it a 4/5 is I didn’t like the way it ended. More like a personal opinion then anything really.

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