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“Real Estate Confessions” #HairRaisingBarks #ReModeledBathrooms #OneWitness

I hate it when I’m all alone shooting a house that feels creepy.

You’re downstairs and you hear creaks upstairs.  It’s windy outside, so it could easily be the weather acting on the infrastructure of the house.

You leave the room and door closes behind you.  Hmm.  Perhaps the hinge was installed wrong so it’s leaning towards the door.

There’s always an explanation for anything that’s creepy in this world.

But when you’re all alone in a house, sometimes you lose the ability to logically dissect a situation.

Fear is overwhelmingly strong in these cases.

I have a theory, where fear is extremely potent wave of energy that is emitted from your body.  It tends to attract that which you fear the most.

You’re scared that someone might break-up with you, they break-up with you.

You’re scared of losing a basketball game, you lose the basketball game.

You’re afraid of making a mistake during a piano recital, your performance ends up being dry.

So when I hear things in a house, I’m not sure if fear is making me extra sensitive to normal creaks within the house …

Or that the negative energy (my fear) emitting from my body is causing the noise.

I remember watching a horror movie, where the family keeps on moving from one house to another assuming that the houses are all haunted.

In the end, they realize they’re son is the one that was possessed.  They assume the problem was the house, but the problem resided inside their own family.

That could relate to me too.  I’m the only common factor in all the haunted houses I’ve visited.

It could also relate to the next haunted house I shot.

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FB Status Update: Starting A New Trend

It appears I have started a new trend.

According to this new online article I read about Bradley Cooper, Bradley is still 38 years old, single, and a former sexiest man alive, currently shacks up with his mother.  (http://wonderwall.msn.com/movies/the-shortlist-for-april-16-24526.gallery?ocid=answw11)

I don’t like to brag about these kind of things, but I have moved back to my parent’s house twice after moving out to Houston & California.

Way before Bradley Cooper did.

You know the saying, “If you love something set it free. If it comes back, its yours.”

Well, let’s just say my parents is always setting me free.

They ask me on a weekly basis, “When are you moving out again? We like to have our space back.”

I know it sounds bad, but deep down they’re just wondering if I’m really theirs.

“If you love something set it free. If it comes back, its yours.”

Two times, I called their bluff and left home.

Two times, I came back home.

Not because I ran out of my savings. Or that I couldn’t find a stable job to support myself.

I came back, because I wanted to remove any doubt of whether I’m really theirs.

“If you love something set it free. If it comes back, its yours.”

Apparently, after moving back with his mom, Bradley Cooper’s level of sexiness has risen to insurmountable levels to be deemed sexiest man alive for a full year.

Since I moved back twice, it could only mean that my level of sexiness has risen high enough to become sexiest man dead or alive.

Perhaps this is why I’m still single. There isn’t anyone alive who can handle the level of sexiness that I possess. Forever Alone Anh Thao.

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