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Movie Review: Half Nelson

***Spoiler Alert***


Drama revolving the life of a teacher, his student, and a drug dealer.

The teacher is a drug addict who gets caught doing drugs by his own student Drey.

The knowledge of his secret allows the two to connect on a level not many people can with the teacher.

For some reason, you are led to believe that the teacher would rather be alone then be with anyone.

Drugs is a common theme throughout the movie, with the teacher using it, Drey exposed to it, and Frank dealing it.

In one scene, the teacher asks Frank to leave Drey alone, but Frank brings up a good point of how the teacher isn’t the best role-model for Drey either.

In the end, you come to the conclusion that the reacher isn’t good for Drey, but Drey is good for the teacher.

Final Thoughts:

No-holds-bar type of movie that reveals the life of a drug addict who slowly loses everything to drugs.

Drugs dominates all his actions.  He sniffs it before going out and hitting on girls.  He sniffs it when he wants to escape for painful memories of his past.  He sniffs it right before making out with his date.

Drey has it tough too, having to look after herself in such a rough neighborhood.  She always puts on this tough face and of all the characters in the movie, she seems to be the maturest.

The ending doesn’t reveal if the teacher ever becomes drug-free.  It only reveals that the only person the teacher can truly depend on in regard to his drug problems may be Drey.



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