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Introverts Unite!

I saw this pic on reddit a few weeks back.  (reddit post link)



Reading the captions made me giggle.  Thinking of how silly introverts are.  Uniting separately in their own homes.  Hehe.

The humor slowly faded when I realized that I am also an introvert.

Introverts + Strangers

As an introvert, I see social gatherings as a challenge.  It takes tremendous willpower, courage, and motivation to get me to go somewhere with a bunch of strangers.  Especially if the expectation at the event is that you should mingle with everyone there.

The way I feel about meeting strangers is similar to people’s mindset when dealing with someone who has the plague.  There is a distaste in your mouth.  Your stomach feels queasy.  You try to keep a distance from them.

With the plague, people have a good reason to act like this.  But with an introvert like myself, what am I so afraid of catching?

If anything, I might catch their infectious enthusiasm, humor, or wisdom.  There’s plenty of awesome people out there who I have yet to meet.

Yet when I’m at an event I always revert to my introverted self.

Perhaps I’m afraid of what people may think of me once we start talking.  At least if I keep to myself, I’ll always be a mystery to them.

Perhaps I have a limit on how many relationships I can juggle at once.  With more people, even if they are just acquaintances, it overburdens my emotional capacity.  Since I’m an introvert and only have a few quality relationships, I go out of my way to protect those few that I do have.  I know how hard it would be to find another one.  So I push others away, to ensure the health of my current relationships.

Perhaps I am a control freak when it comes to my personal space.  At home, I can re-arrange things how I like it.  Everything is predictable when I’m by myself.  Out there, not so much.  I have less control in the real world.  People tend to do things that I least expect.  And I find that extremely intimidating.

Introverts + Family & Friends

I don’t really mind going to places where I know most of the people there like family get-togethers or parties with friends.

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FB Status Update: May Birthdays

Me and mom re-counting all the people who have May birthdays in our family.

Mom: We have your Dad’s, then grandpa’s, and then your nephew Cu Minh’s.

(Btw, my nephew’s name is Oliver Minh. The “Cu” that precedes his name means penis. For some reason, Vietnamese people think it’s cute to append “Cu” before babies’ & toddler’s actual names. Similar to how American people call little girls princesses and little boys munchkins, except those nicknames don’t mean penis.)

Mom: Oh! I almost forgot Linh’s lil’ boy …
Me: Cu Nam! (Penis Nam!)
Mom: No, that’s the older one. I’m talking about the new one.
Me: Cu Moi! (New Penis!)
Mom: Nooooo … that’s not it …

Then my mom goes quiet for a moment and then busts out laughing out loud. And when I figured out that my mom was laughing at “Cu Moi”, I chimed in a laughed with her.

Apparently, my mom think it’s hilarious to call my nephew “Cu Moi” (New Penis).

Maybe because it’s true. Of all the guys who have birthday’s in May, my nephew’s penis is the newest.

Or maybe an image of a “Cu Moi” popped up in her head and she found the imagery too repulsive or embarrassing that her only reaction was to laugh it off.

We will never know.

Well, at least now I know where I get my crude humor from!

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No Invites???

For my birthday, I was invited to a private dinner.

I was told strictly that I could not invite anyone.

I turned 32 this year.

It was fun with a small group of tight-knit friends at Truluck’s seafood.

We went mainly because it was Restaurant week in Dallas.

When we got home, one of my friends got picked up by her sister who we all knew.

Her sister, said, “Happy Birthday Anh Thao!!! Thanks for the invite.”

I said, “It was a private dinner! I couldn’t even bring my own date.”

The event organizer said, “He doesn’t even have anyone to bring as a date. Stop lying fool.”

I said, “Whatever. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s the event organizer.”

After they all left, I had a sudden epiphany.

One of those one-liners you come up as the perfect comeback, but only that you come up with way to late.

The moment has already passed.

I was thinking inside my head that I should’ve said, “I didn’t even know I was invited until I got invited!”

It’s a statement to prove my innocence that I had no part in the “no invites” that happened during my party.

Of course after thinking about it, I felt like it made no sense.

Or rather it’s one of those obvious statements that is unnecessary to bring up.

Of course, I didn’t know I was invited until I got invited.

Who knows beforehand if you are invited to an event?

If you already know you are invited, then why would they go through the trouble of inviting you a second time?

It’s like saying, “I didn’t start gaining weight, until I started overeating.”

Yeh, that’s typically how people gain weight, by overeating.

Or, “I always lose my cool, when I’m around annoying people.”

Annoying people usually possess the ability to make other people lose their cool.

It’s what makes them so annoying.

Yeh, now that I think about it, it’s probably a good reason I didn’t come up with it at that moment.

It’s one of those things that when you think about it, it kind of makes you feel dumber.

Is that even possible?

Losing the knowledge you already possess.

Haha, I’m going to start a De-Evolution of the human mind by influencing everyone me to be more stupid … :).

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