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Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

***Spoiler Alert***


An interesting love story between two emotionally unstable people.

Bradley Cooper suffers from bi-polar depression, while Jennifer Lawrence resorts to sex as a way to sort through her problems.

Bradley Cooper is released from a mental hospital and is told to visit his doctor regularly.

Bradley was sent into the mental hospital because he had a violent outburst when he found out his wife was cheating on him.

Bradley was put on a restraining order by his wife and asked never to come around areas where his wife would go often.

Still Bradley is convinced that they are still in love and that she wants him back.

Bradley jumps through hoops and tries just about anything to win her love back.

This is where Jennifer Lawrence comes in.

She tells Bradley that she comes in contact with his wife often and promises to hand her a letter from him, if he promises to do her a favor.

The favor is compete with him in a professional ballroom dancing competition.

They compete, bring out the best in each other, and while she falls for him early in the movie.  By the end of the movie, he recognizes how important she is and chooses Jennifer Lawrence over his wife.

Final Thoughts:

This is a character driven movie, where as the story unfolds, you become more and more invested into Bradley & Jennifer’s lives.

It’s unique love story of how two people who are considered abnormal members of society find a way to create their own little world where society norms cease to matter.

I particularly enjoyed the family dimension in the story, between Bradley and his father.

Everyone is trying to cope with Bradley’s bi-polar depression and his father ends up being the one most affected by it.

Great love story, that appeals to both sexes.



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Movie Review: The Dictator

***Spoiler Alert***


Sacha Baron Cohen stars as a dictator who rules his country with oppression and ignorance.

As a dictator, he demands ridiculous things that don’t make sense such as a rocket with a point head.  If anyone argues with him or denies what he wants, he has them killed.

That is his one solution to everything.

One day he visits America, only to have his Uncle betray him with a phony Dictator who looks exactly like the real one.

The real one is kicked into the streets of New York to fend for himself.  There he meets a hippy girl with hairy armpits who he eventually falls in love with.

She temporarily makes him forget all his ideals about being a Dictator, but meets one of his ex-nuclear scientist who reminds him of what is important.

They both successfully break into the fake Dictator’s room, kick him out, and assume the real role of the Dictator.

He is then led to a peace summit, where he seizes sole control of his country only to change his mind last minute when his love re-appears.

He promises democracy in his country and he marries her in his own country.

Final Thoughts:

I find the humor obnoxious, immature, and outlandish.

This may work for certain people.

I also noticed the comedic levels pick up after he goes to America.

There is plenty of female/male nudity in this movie, sometimes for no apparent reasons, so be prepared for that.



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Movie Review: The Big Lebowski

***Warning Spoiler Alert***


Unemployed Bum and a bunch of his friends get caught up in a fake kidnapping of a man who has the same name as the Bum.

The bum’s name is Dude or The Dude and forms a bowling league team with two of his two friends.  One is a uptight Jew who happens to be a Vietnam Vet.  He is constantly venting and cursing throughout the movie.

The other guy is just this skinny annoying character who asks stupid questions or makes stupid points.

For the most part, The Dude is taken on a ride with various characters related to the kidnapped girl one way or another.

In the end, the Dude discovers the truth but only after one of his buddies dies.

Final Thoughts:

I heard from my brother Henry say that, this is one of those movies where you watch when you’re half-baked on some weed.

Personally, I found the conversation between the Dude and everyone unintelligible.  It’s so random and out-there that you’re asking yourself is this dude for real?

The story has twists and turns, but in the end you just realize that you’re in it for the Dude and his friends.

Regardless of whether he comes out on top or not doesn’t become a concern.  Only thing that matters is he keeps on talking.

Weird movie, but still manages to stay timeless and relevant despite being made so long ago.

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Movie Review: Wreck It Ralph

***Spoiler Alert***


Revolves around a bad guy who yearns to become a good guy.

He’s tired of the good guy getting all the attention.

The way he goes about doing this ends up causing chaos in the video game world, until he meets a video game glitch.

The two form a close bond and end up supporting each other through trials and tribulations.

The bond ends up changing both of them for the better.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this movie.

It’s an animated-movie that both children and adults can enjoy, especially if you played any video games when you were younger like myself.

I caught on to many of the video game jokes that only a gamer could get.

At the same time, I could relate to the protagonist’s issues because it is a universal issue of being left out, wanting to be part of the in crowd, and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.

The most important lesson I got from this movie is how nothing changes when he gets back to his world, but the fact that his attitude changes makes all the difference in the world.

He doesn’t mind being the bad guy now that he has formed a strong friendship with the video game glitch from another video game.



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