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Movie Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Movie Review:  Martha Marcy May Marlene

***Spoiler Alert***


This movie centers around Marcy who is welcomed into a cult where everyone is supposedly loved and accepted by all others.

Things start to go down south when all girls have to go through a “cleansing” with the cult leader, where they are drugged and forced into sex.

Marcy doesn’t mind much at first because everyone goes through it and she see’s nothing wrong with what is being done, until she witnesses the cult robbing a house and killing the owner.

Only then does she start to question the cult’s motives and eventually runs away and stays with her sister where she is constantly trying to drive away the demons that plagued her from the time she was in the cult.

Final Thoughts:

The sequence of events is continuously jumping back and forth from her time away from the cult with her sister and when she’s actually inside cult.

It allows the audience to see how traumatized she can get in certain situations and immediately jump to the past to reveal what happened to her to cause so much traumatization.

The movie does a good job of revealing how people can become brain-washed into joining a cult while also demonstrating why it’s so hard for some people to turn away from it once they’ve been committed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, because it provided a glimpse into the life of what happens all over the world.



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Fun Time Vs Boring Time

What makes the difference between having fun and being bored?

I recently went to an event with a friend.

We were both photographers.

Yet, we had two different experiences.

If you ask him, whether he had a good time or not?

He would say he was bored out of his mind.

If you ask me, the same question.

I would say I enjoyed the event very much.

The difference between me and him lies in how we spent our time.

I was very involved with all the activities.

I volunteered my time, I took charge of certain projects, I took pics as much as I could.

He took a laid back stance, doing as little as possible even when it came to taking pictures.

It almost felt like he was waiting for life to happen to him.

He was sitting at the dinner table waiting for someone to set the table and feed him.

He expected to be entertained and didn’t want to put in any effort.

His expectations were too high, so he was disappointed.

For me time went by really quick due to all the activities I was a part of.

I was in the kitchen getting down and dirty trying to come up with dishes for my guest.

I wanted to contribute to the entertainment and put out as much as I could.

My expectations were low, so even if I didn’t get much out of it, I was still content.

When you wait for life to happen, you are at the mercy of life.

If there’s nothing happening in life, there’s nothing happening with you.

Life is boring when you have to wait for things to happen.

But waiting for things to happen is a conscious choice that you make.

If you wanted to, you could make things happen in life.

You could be proactive and seek to make life more eventful.

As a result, you are making things happen in life for yourself and others.

Instead of waiting in uncertainty for things to happen, you act knowing for certain that things will happen.

A fun time or a boring time depends on whether you want to be the driver or the passenger.

Are you going to allow someone else to drive you around hoping it’s what you want.

Or are you going to take the steering wheel and take everyone for the ride of their life.

A boring time is something that you let happen to you, while a fun time is something that you must make happen for you and/or others.

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