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Movie Review: The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

***Spoiler Alert***


Bilbo Baggins is recruited into a clan of dwarves to go take back the homeland of the dwarves.

Bilbo Baggins is reluctant at first because he is somewhat comfortable in his home.  Gandalf insists on Bilbo Baggins going, while the head of the dwarves clan Thorin doubts that a Hobbit like Bilbo Baggins could be of any use on the journey.

After everyone leaves, Bilbo changes his mind and chases after the clan.

The group is tested by huge trolls who threaten to eat them all.

Then they are chased by goblins who have history with the dwarves.  Dwarves and Goblins were at war with each other over the Dwarves’ homeland.

They are rescued by the Elves, but Thorin (head of the dwarves) resent the Elves because they stood by and didn’t help the Dwarves when they were being attacked by the Dragon.

The dwarves leave the elves and are captured by cave-dwelling goblins.  Bilbo is separated from the group and meets the Gollum for the first time.  This is where he takes the “ring” from Gollum.

Bilbo rejoins the group, but only to be ambushed by Land Goblins.  Bilbo proves his worth by standing up for Thorin while he was helpless.

They escape and this is the moment when Bilbo is finally accepted into the clan of dwarves as one of their own.

Final Thoughts:

This is a fantasy adventure film, full of humor, companionship, and lore.

There is always a battle or action waiting at the next corner.

The action scenes are reminiscent of the ones from Lord of the Rings, where battles are drawn out and can stretch from one mountain to another.

Gandalf can be a source of inspiration with his wisdom and Bilbo’s quick-witted decisions are always one step of his opponents.

Enjoyable film for anyone who’s already a big fan of the Lord of the Rings series.


4/5, because in my opinion, it still doesn’t measure up to the original Lord of the Rings series.

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