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Top 10 Reasons of Why I’m Still Single

1.  I’m gay.

  • My cousin TA told me this.  She said, “A lot of people have been asking me if you’re gay.”  I didn’t ask her who, but I assume it would have to be her friends.  It could also be people in our family too.  I’ve been single for about 10 years, so I can see why they are wondering.  No girlfriend for such a long time, maybe he doesn’t like girls?  It doesn’t help that I enjoy going to gay clubs.  Plus, in my parent’s living room, there’s a picture of me wearing a dress when I was young.  I have to admit, I looked very flattering in that dress.

2.  I hangout with TA too much.

  • This is my mom’s words.  I went on a road trip to New Orleans with my cousin TA in August and when my mom found out, this is what she had to say, “Going out with TA again?  Don’t you know this weekend is Marian Days in Missouri?  Over 60,000 Vietnamese Catholics!!!  I’m sure you can find one single Vietnamese Catholic female there!”  To be frank, my mom does have a point.  TA is the closest thing I have to a best friend.  She’s hilarious, entertaining, and tons of fun.   When you have a bestie like TA, sometimes you forget that you’re still single and supposedly miserable.

3.  My mom is a cock blocker.

  • My dad is referencing to what happened with my very first girlfriend.  She was my first girlfriend, so I fell very hard for her.  I fell so hard that my grades started slipping and I had to drop a course in college.  I was a zombie in love.  Even on days where I’m sick and bed-ridden, I would crawl out of my bed just to visit my girlfriend.  Obviously my mom thought this obsession was unhealthy, so she advised that I take a break from dating and focus more on school.  I broke up with her a couple weeks later and ever since my dad has attributed my  relationship woes to my mom.

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Gay Marriage Vs Divorce

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Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

Movie Review:  Cloud Atlas

***Spoiler Alert***

Movie Synopsis:

This German produced movie revolves around multiple story lines in which the main character carries a similar birth mark.

All the story lines take place in different time periods ranging from the distant past to the  future.

One story revolves around a nuclear reactor company that is run by people who want to run it into the ground because they are afraid it will compete with oil as a natural resource for energy.

Another story revolves around a businessman who is fed medicine that is really poison.  The businessman is rescued by a slave and he vows to protect slaves from then on.

In the future we are able to manufacture humans to serve us.  These second-class humans eventually are destroyed when they are of no use.  One second-class human rebels against what is considered the norm.

Staged during the time period where symphony music is popular, a gay music composer finds his way to produce the greatest piece of music of his time, only to commit suicide because no one will accept his sexual preference.

Finally, in a world that is no longer livable.  A tribesman escorts a foreign woman to the top of the mountain.  He ends up saving her three times, only to have her save him when it really counts.

Final Thoughts:

This is a 3 hour movie, but doesn’t really feel like 3 hours.  That is a very good thing to say about any kind of movie.

The movie constantly jumps from one story line to another.  It always jumps at a cliffhanger point usually leaving you wanting to learn more.

Each story line has it’s mix of espionage, rebellion, love, gun fights, and plenty of twists.

For the most part you’re trying to follow what’s happening while always asking yourself how are all the stories related?

For the most part, you get slight hints and cues on how one time period might affect another time period, but none of the evidence is concrete.

This is the type of movie that you could watch 2 or 3 times and still have questions burning in your head.



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Runaway With You, John

I have a tendency to say the most inappropriate things in the most inappropriate context.

My intentions are always good, pure, and appropriate in my mind.


Yet, when it leaves my mouth, somehow it becomes misconstrued.

Take for example, “I wish John was here. Sometimes I wished I could just runaway with him.”

Of course, if you just heard this I can picture your reaction as being:

“Are you gay? Why do you want to runaway with John?”

“And what exactly are you two running away from? The pressures of a straight community?”

Then, I could tell you that John is actually a little kid that’s only 7 years old …

Then you would say:

“Are you planning a kidnap? Should I report the authorities? This sounds so wrong on so many levels.”

“Who is John’s parents? I need to warn them of you.”

Then, I could tell you that John’s mom was in the car with me. She is my friend. And no I did not kidnap her.

(I can remember John’s mom reaction being very silent. Perhaps she was contemplating on whether to call the authorities or not.)

I do remember my cousin Tram Anh voicing her thoughts though:

“Did you just say you want to run away with John?”

Yes I did.

“Yeh, cuz I could’ve sworn you just said … WHAT?!? Why would you say something like that. He’s a little kid.”

Of course, that’s when I realized what I just said doesn’t sound that great to the public’s ears.

This is what was going through my head before I said “I wish John was here …”:

“Oh my gosh, TA and John’s mom are such good friends and have so many things to talk about. Sometimes, I feel like a third wheel.”

“I wonder why John wasn’t invited this time. Last time when he was here, I didn’t mind that TA and John’s mom had a million things to talk about.”

“I was too busy running around with John, playing tag and hide-n-seek. I wish John was here. I should tell them how I feel …”

And of course, you know the rest of the story.

Perhaps this is the reason why guys never ever share their feelings and inner thoughts.

Because it always comes out the wrong way.

In my head, I pictured running around and playing with the little guy.

Outside of my head, I sound like I wanted to kidnap the kid and eventually end up on the 9 o’clock news.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

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