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Top 10 Reasons of Why I’m Still Single

1.  I’m gay.

  • My cousin TA told me this.  She said, “A lot of people have been asking me if you’re gay.”  I didn’t ask her who, but I assume it would have to be her friends.  It could also be people in our family too.  I’ve been single for about 10 years, so I can see why they are wondering.  No girlfriend for such a long time, maybe he doesn’t like girls?  It doesn’t help that I enjoy going to gay clubs.  Plus, in my parent’s living room, there’s a picture of me wearing a dress when I was young.  I have to admit, I looked very flattering in that dress.

2.  I hangout with TA too much.

  • This is my mom’s words.  I went on a road trip to New Orleans with my cousin TA in August and when my mom found out, this is what she had to say, “Going out with TA again?  Don’t you know this weekend is Marian Days in Missouri?  Over 60,000 Vietnamese Catholics!!!  I’m sure you can find one single Vietnamese Catholic female there!”  To be frank, my mom does have a point.  TA is the closest thing I have to a best friend.  She’s hilarious, entertaining, and tons of fun.   When you have a bestie like TA, sometimes you forget that you’re still single and supposedly miserable.

3.  My mom is a cock blocker.

  • My dad is referencing to what happened with my very first girlfriend.  She was my first girlfriend, so I fell very hard for her.  I fell so hard that my grades started slipping and I had to drop a course in college.  I was a zombie in love.  Even on days where I’m sick and bed-ridden, I would crawl out of my bed just to visit my girlfriend.  Obviously my mom thought this obsession was unhealthy, so she advised that I take a break from dating and focus more on school.  I broke up with her a couple weeks later and ever since my dad has attributed my  relationship woes to my mom.

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Girlfriend Material Vs Boyfriend Material

I was hanging around with some of my friends and one of them said, “Hey, Anh Thao you would make a great girlfriend.”

I was taken aback.

Did she just said what I think she said? Maybe she meant a great boyfriend. I could definitely feel good about that.

I wanted to make sure she meant to say girlfriend, so I clarify, “Did you just say I would make a great girlfriend?”

She responds, “Yes. Like for slumber parties. You’re very neutral. You blend in well.”

I definitely regret getting clarification, because without a doubt she meant it.

I guess the positive side to this is, I wouldn’t mind attending a slumber party where everyone is wearing panties. I would bring my tighty whitey’s.

Her comment really got me thinking and in some ways it makes sense.

First of all, people say I’m super feminine for a guy and for the longest time I didn’t even notice it about myself. But now I admit that I am.

I enjoy pampering myself with bubble baths, massages, and trips to kingspa. I enjoy shopping and dressing myself up. I spend way too much time checking myself in the mirror.

Second of all, I notice I love the company of ladies over guys any day.

It’s not because I find girls cute and want to be surrounded by hot, sexy ladies all the time.

I find that when you talk with a girl one-on-one, they are more likely to open up to you. And I’m addicted to that.

Its really interesting because with a good amount of my “girl” friends, I know them two different ways. I know them based on a group setting and a one-on-one setting.

It’s almost like know two different people. I know that I act different in group settings as opposed to one-on-one and so do they. Some of my “girl” friends, I don’t even talk to them in a group setting. We only do one-on-ones and treat each other like acquaintances in group settings.

I also notice that with certain people, I am more comfortable revealing certain aspects of myself that I wouldn’t with someone else.

All this translate to a myriad of friendships, sometimes with the same person.

Another thing I notice about guys is I tend to bond with them as long as we are doing something.

Guys don’t sit down and talk about emotions, feelings, worries, or things you hide deep inside of you. Guys sit down and talk about sports, job, money, cars, … anything except what’s deep inside.

Guys enjoy companionship, but only when it directed toward a goal. For instance, I notice I connect really well with guys when we are playing volleyball. Whether we win or lose, the act of working together through wins or losses, creates a relationship that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Girls on the other hand, don’t need to be doing anything. Girls just need to know that you will listen and that you won’t share their secrets with the whole world. If you can do those two things, most girls will open up to you.

Once girls open up to you, there’s almost no boundaries to what they will share. Insecurities, worries, anger, jealousy, frustration, … anything that goes inside a woman’s intellect and emotions.

Talking to girls, I feel like I’m allowed into a very dark and deep place inside their soul.

It feels good to be trusted on that level and it doesn’t happen every time you sit down and talk with them.

I have sat next girls who have broke down crying talking about their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends. Sometimes I don’t even know what to say, but I’ve learned that saying nothing is usually the best response.

They mainly need someone there to listen.

I guess my friend knew what she was talking about when she said I would make a great girlfriend. I just never heard anyone say that to me, so I was surprised.

First admitting that I’m feminine and now that I’m great girlfriend material … what’s next … sex change?

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