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“Real Estate Confessions” #HairRaisingBarks #ReModeledBathrooms #OneWitness

I hate it when I’m all alone shooting a house that feels creepy.

You’re downstairs and you hear creaks upstairs.  It’s windy outside, so it could easily be the weather acting on the infrastructure of the house.

You leave the room and door closes behind you.  Hmm.  Perhaps the hinge was installed wrong so it’s leaning towards the door.

There’s always an explanation for anything that’s creepy in this world.

But when you’re all alone in a house, sometimes you lose the ability to logically dissect a situation.

Fear is overwhelmingly strong in these cases.

I have a theory, where fear is extremely potent wave of energy that is emitted from your body.  It tends to attract that which you fear the most.

You’re scared that someone might break-up with you, they break-up with you.

You’re scared of losing a basketball game, you lose the basketball game.

You’re afraid of making a mistake during a piano recital, your performance ends up being dry.

So when I hear things in a house, I’m not sure if fear is making me extra sensitive to normal creaks within the house …

Or that the negative energy (my fear) emitting from my body is causing the noise.

I remember watching a horror movie, where the family keeps on moving from one house to another assuming that the houses are all haunted.

In the end, they realize they’re son is the one that was possessed.  They assume the problem was the house, but the problem resided inside their own family.

That could relate to me too.  I’m the only common factor in all the haunted houses I’ve visited.

It could also relate to the next haunted house I shot.

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“Real Estate Confessions” #CountryHouses #FakeSnakes #WeirdNoises

A couple of months ago, I posted this on my facebook status: “Shot a house for a real estate agent today that was actually haunted, weird unexplained things happening in the house, had a priest come over and exorcise the house … :(“.

The story behind that facebook post is, I had a shoot that was far away from the dfw metroplex.  It was a very nice home, no sign of wear or tear, or anyone dying there recently.  The homeowner lived there by herself with her pet dog.  When I came there, the homeowner and the real estate agent were both there talking and mingling.

Halfway through the shoot, the real estate agent casually informs me that the homeowner is selling the house because it’s haunted.  That’s a bit of information that I could probably do without, but nevertheless what was heard can’t be unheard.

Normally, when houses creak or lights flicker, I don’t pay too much attention to it.  But for some reason, I was extra sensitive to anything that I thought I saw or heard.  Sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.

I also noticed the real estate agent tried to stay within my vicinity, which is rare because most agents usually prefer to do paperwork or return missed calls from potential clients.  Not today, she was always within eyesight from where I was going.  Perhaps she was a little spooked too.

For most shoots, I take my time with shooting pics, because I want to make sure they come out good.  Not this house though, as soon as the agent told me it was haunted, I went on overdrive and sped through that house as fast as I could.

Getting into my car I drove away with a wave of relief flowing through me.  I never wanted to step inside a haunted house again.  The good thing is, I never did have to return to that house again.  The bad thing is, I found another house that was haunted.

This house was also out in the country.  It had tons of land, a nice huge pond with a fishing deck, a guest house, and a huge barn with horses & donkeys roaming the land.

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