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Movie Review: End of Watch


***Spoiler Alert***


Two cops who patrol south central Los Angeles which is overwhelmed by gangster activity.

The two cops are the best of friends and you are immediately drawn into the tight knit relationship they have as they patrol the streets.

They are very ambitious and have a keen idea on where the next crime scene will be.

Eventually they start sticking their nose in places they shouldn’t be and quickly get on the assassination lists of a Mexican cartel drug leader.

Final Thoughts:

I liked the pace of this movie simply because they transitioned quite easily from funny conversations to real life drama and action.

You are taken along on many patrols that lead to drug busts, shoot outs, and car chases.

In between, you get to see how the cop buddies squeeze in a normal life just like all of us which includes dating, quinceaneras, and funerals.

The movie’s ending allows me to see how fragile a life can be even though you hope that good will always prevail.



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Restaurant Review: El Arroyo


Location: In between a gas station and a car wash.

Atmosphere: Typical restaurant with booths, waiters, bar, and outside patio. Warm and cozy inside.

Service: My waitress was ok. She brought out food, chips, and salsa like she should. Took her a lil’ while to re-fill my diet coke, but she eventually got to it. No serious attitude with her, just simply busy. Didn’t exactly feel the good vibes from her. Perhaps I am expecting too much from my waitress.

Food: Free complimentary chips and dips. Chips were good, but nothing special about the dips. It definitely helped fill up the time waiting for my food. I ordered the lunch beef fajitas which are about $9 during lunch and about 50% more during dinner. The fajitas came out sizzling hot on top of onions and bell peppers. It also came with some rice, beans, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, and guacomole. At first, I notice the beef was falling apart after I poked it a couple of times but that’s because it was extremely tender. One of the best fajitas, I’ve ever tried. The flour tortillas were soft and fresh off the stove. I enjoyed all the side dishes that came with it especially the refried beans.

Price: Ended up paying $11 for the whole plate with a diet coke. Definitely will come back if I’m ever up for some good fajitas.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for a good deal on some delicious fajitas. The only reason why I gave it 3 stars was because of a combination of atmosphere/service/price.

Rating:  3/5

(click on picture to get address/phone # of restaurant)

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Restaurant Review: Taqueria La Original

Restaurant Review:  Taqueria La Original


Location: Inbetween a car wash and a loan office.

Atmosphere: Spanish soap operas playing in the background with minimal lighting. Nothing special about furniture and decoration. I don’t think they put too much thought into the details.

Service: Only one waitress there, since I came at 2 pm. I was also the only customer their. Service wasn’t the best, but I didn’t expect much going in.

Food: Free complimentary chips and dips were a plus. Chips weren’t too salty. Had two dips a red one and green one. Red dip was somewhat spicy and a little bitter. Green dip was sweet and tangy. Definitely like the green dip better. I ordered the 4 tacos plate with rice and beans. The beef was my favorite, then pastor, then barbacoa. Mexican rice was well seasoned and cooked thoroughly. Beans was also good, definitely made from scratch.

Price: Ended up paying $7 for the whole plate with a glass a water. Definitely will come back. Mainly because I enjoy their chips & dips and it’s so hard for me to find a Mexican restaurant that serves decent chips & dips. Trust me, I’ve tried looking everywhere in Arlington.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who wants authentic Mexican food for a fair price.

Rating: 4/5

(for address and phone # click on picture)

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