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Movie Review: Get The Gringo


***Spoiler Alert***


Action film set in a Mexican prison which resembles more like a small city.

Mel Gibson is a thief who happens to be ex-military and con-artist.

He is thrown into jail because he stole some money.

He quickly becomes acquainted with a boy who has special privileges within the prison.

The boy is the only living person who has a blood type that is compatible with the prison head honcho who rules it with an iron fist.

Mel Gibson gets himself out of prison to kill the people who are after him in America.

Then he turns his sight back to the Mexican prison, kills the prison head honcho, and rescues the boy with his mom.

Final Thoughts:

Mel Gibson is presented with numerous obstacles that he always overcomes, which makes me feel skeptical throughout the movie.

Mel Gibson happens to be good at sniping, stealing, setting-up kills, catching grenades and throwing them back.

It just seems too good to be true.

But if you can put this one thing behind you, everything else makes up for a great action movie.

Story has multiple twists and turns.  You’re never left bored wondering when it’s going to end.  Mel’s friendship with the boy is amusing at times too.

You can’t help but wanting to root for the safe passage of the boy.

And Mel does a good job of being the good guy, even if he is the bad guy.



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