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Hail Damage


Was driving on 75 N up to Garland for a photo shoot with Vi.

Skies started growing dark and before you knew it, hail started to fall.We were trying to find cover, but there is no cover on the freeway unless you get under a bridge.

I guess everyone else was thinking the exact same thing, because all 5 lanes was blocked with cars trying to hide from the hail.

That meant, no one behind them could get pass them.  There were at least 10 cars stuck behind them.  No one would budge because they didn’t want to get hailed on.

You could hear cars honking who were trying to find shelter, but couldn’t because all the cars under the bridge refused to move.

We decided to drive to the service lane and try to get as close as possible, hoping the huge wall would block someone hail.

I started hearing glass crack, so I suggested to Vi that we move to the middle of the van.  That way, if the front glass did give way, we wouldn’t get cut by it.

Definitely the scariest 15 mins of my life.

It’s such a helpless feeling knowing that you can’t go anywhere.

Remind me never to drive again … :(.

Here are some pics of the van … the very next day.


Hail Damage, a set on Flickr.

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