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FB Status Update: Awkward Mother/Son Moments

My mom loves sales/deals, so when she goes to CVS and notices a dirt cheap deal she buys it. She doesn’t wonder if she needs. Nope can’t pass up on a good deal.

Today she buys 5 things. Doesn’t know what they do, because she can’t read English. She just buys it, comes home, and asks me:

Mom: Hey Thao, what do these things do?
Me: Well this is vitamins, this is for rashes, this is a type of lotion, this is for coughs, and this is … this is for …

I realize that she just bought K-Y Sensitive Jelly and the instructions say: “Apply desired amount of lubricant to your intimate areas. Reapply as needed. Close after use. May be applied to outside of condom surface to help reduce irritation caused by vaginal dryness. Compatible with latex condoms ONLY.”

I’m thinking inside my head, “Great! Just Great … this is the the last thing I want to talk to my mom about. Lubricant, intimate areas, condoms … definitely not the words I use in any of my day-to-day conversations with my mom.”

So my problem is I know exactly what product does. I just have trouble using those words with my mom.

I’m sure there are mom/sons out there who are quite comfortable talking about all this stuff. I for one am not.

So I try to be as ambiguous as possible. I’m planning on not having to use those exact words and hopefully she gets it.

So I say, “Uhm, yeh, this is a type of lotion that you use down there. It helps when people are somewhat dry in the area.”

I shut up and pray to God that she gets it.

She gets it, she nods and walks away.

My last thought as she is walking away is, “Pleasssseeeee don’t ask me if I need it. Pleasssssseeeee.”

Because she always so giving and generous with her products. Most of the time I’m grateful. This time I just want the discussion of lubricants to be over with.

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Movie Review: Pray The Devil Back to Hell

***Spoiler Alert***


Documentary movie recording the events of the peace movement called Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace.

During a chaotic period of civil war within Liberia, the women of Liberia unite to end the war that has encouraged children to kill their own parents to partake in the war.

The war has given both sides excuses to rape, murder, and torture civilians as they travel through the country side.

It doesn’t matter whether the Warlords from the country come or the Militia from the Capital, they both abuse their power to terrorize the people of Liberia.

Through non-violence the women come up with ideas for peace which include withholding sex from their husbands, public protests, and pushing the both sides of the warring factions to have peace talks.

Final Thoughts:

The stories that the women tell of militia men coming through villages killing, raping, torturing sends chills up the spine.

You can’t help but sympathize for these women and at the same admire their courage for standing up against such a violent and evil force.

In a world filled with dominance through violence, it’s reassuring to see that a strong conviction for a future filled with peace can still outlast the violence that precedes.

Definitely an inspiring documentary movie.



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Most Valuable Substance on Earth

The most valuable substance can’t be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or heard.

Its what everyone has, but no one ever has enough of it.

It’s everywhere you go, yet no where to be found.

It grows in value, only if you learn how to appreciate it.

What could it possibly be?

The most valuable substance on earth is space.

When you buy a house, you are really buying space.

Would you want a house that is already occupied? No, why would I want a house where strangers are in my space.

Would you want a house that doesn’t have a kitchen? No, I need space to cook for my children.

A house is appealing only as long as it serves its function, which is to provide empty space for you to live comfortably.

When you buy a glass cup, you are solely interested in the space inside.

The space inside the cup is what makes it functional.

Would anyone ever buy a cup that is solid glass? I’m buying the cup to drink from, but if it’s solid how can the piece of glass hold the water now?

Glass cups are useful only if it is hollow. The material the cup is made out of is inconsequential.

As long as the cup has space to contain fluids, it can be made out of steel, plastic, or paper.

Every year, millions of dollars are invested into Superbowl ads. But what really is being bought is space.

All of America is tuned into this channel, therefore I will sell you this slot of 30 secs for 56 million dollars.

You can fill that space with anything you think will gain the attention of your viewers. You need to come up with even more money to create something catchy.

Would anyone every buy a slot in the program, if it’s already filled? No, why would I buy a space that already has someone else’s commercial in it.

I put millions on the table, solely so I have that space in the programming to myself. I want that space to be empty, so I can fill it with what I want.

When it comes down to personal space, this is where many of us get stuck.

We don’t know how to manage our own personal space.

We don’t know how to create our own space.

The problem with most of is we don’t have any space at all.

Yet space is the most important thing in our possession.

When our space is filled with events and tasks, we quickly run out of time.

The only way to create space in our schedule is to say no.

We can’t be everywhere doing everything, so we have to say no.

Saying no, frees up our schedule and slowly restores space.

Say no enough times and suddenly you have your life back.

Most of us aspire to do great things, but where we fall short is we don’t make space for those things to happen.

If you want to pursue your passion of singing, you won’t get very far if you don’t make space for it.

Many people try to squeeze their new goal or new dreams into their already existing busy life.

They expect to keep all that they have now in addition to what may come through the realization of their dream.

The materialization of a goal requires space in your schedule for it to happen.

Stress is caused by our brains constantly being bombarded by thoughts.

“I hate work. Why did she lie to me? How am I going to pay my bills? Why is this lady buying so much stuff?’

Relaxation methods involves creating space in the mind.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Meditate. Yoga. Tai Chi. Praying. Chanting.

All these exercises are meant to empty the mind of distracting thoughts which results in more space within your mind.

At the end of most people’s lives, they regret not having more time to spend with family and friends.

What they are running out is space.

The space in their timeline is quickly coming to end.

If only they could have some more space to spend it with their loved ones.

If they could, they would go back and try to dedicate more space for friends and family.

The most valuable substance can’t be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or heard.

Its what everyone has, but no one ever has enough of it.

It’s everywhere you go, yet no where to be found.

It grows in value, only if you learn how to appreciate it.

The most valuable substance on earth is space.

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