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A Love Story…

A friend asked me to post this on my blog.

No, I didn’t write this.

No, the guy in this story isn’t me.

Nor am I the girl in this story.

Therefore I don’t want to hear from anyone through facebook, phone calls, or texts saying “How sorry you are for my loss”  or “How you too know how it feels to go through a break-up” and then proceed to share your most recent heartbreak story with me.

You have been warned.

A Love Story…

You may not know me, I am only one of the billions on this earth and even though there are many other amazing stories out there, I believe to my last breath that you will only come across the one I’m about to tell you, once…

I was never good around girls. Being too shy to even speak to friends didn’t help that fact either. That’s why I consider myself lucky for having met the most wonderful girl in the world…

I was an idiot that couldn’t see the signs that she liked me, but thanks to her persistence we wouldn’t be here now.

So, here is my love story. It all started with a Kiss…

I don’t know if she recalls… It was after all, out of the blue

She asked if I could drive her to work one night. I agreed and dropped her off in front of her workplace. We held hands the whole way there. And then I remember… For that split second before leaving my car. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

She may not have known… To her it may have been a simple thank you gesture. But that kissed made me the happiest guy alive at that moment. I couldn’t help but smile all the way home.

I snuck out later that night at 3am. Being as quiet as possible. Eager to go and pick her up…

On the ride back to her house. She hugged my arm the entire way. And I had to question, Was she into me? And if she was.. I thought. Why me? But really I didn’t care. I just was lost in that moment… and everything changed that next day.

On the First date…

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Restaurant Review: Taqueria La Original

Restaurant Review:  Taqueria La Original


Location: Inbetween a car wash and a loan office.

Atmosphere: Spanish soap operas playing in the background with minimal lighting. Nothing special about furniture and decoration. I don’t think they put too much thought into the details.

Service: Only one waitress there, since I came at 2 pm. I was also the only customer their. Service wasn’t the best, but I didn’t expect much going in.

Food: Free complimentary chips and dips were a plus. Chips weren’t too salty. Had two dips a red one and green one. Red dip was somewhat spicy and a little bitter. Green dip was sweet and tangy. Definitely like the green dip better. I ordered the 4 tacos plate with rice and beans. The beef was my favorite, then pastor, then barbacoa. Mexican rice was well seasoned and cooked thoroughly. Beans was also good, definitely made from scratch.

Price: Ended up paying $7 for the whole plate with a glass a water. Definitely will come back. Mainly because I enjoy their chips & dips and it’s so hard for me to find a Mexican restaurant that serves decent chips & dips. Trust me, I’ve tried looking everywhere in Arlington.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who wants authentic Mexican food for a fair price.

Rating: 4/5

(for address and phone # click on picture)

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